Common faults of the hottest bar code printer

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Common faults of barcode printer

I. attention to use

general barcode printing equipment shall follow the direction indicated in the figure. The dotted line is the carbon belt installation path, and the solid line is the label path. If the waste carbon tape is not easy to peel off after rewinding, roll the smooth bottom paper of the waste label on the rewinding shaft before loading, and then install the carbon tape. When installing labels, adjust the paper limiter according to different label widths. The indenter spring is uniform, which can avoid the printer label deviation. Measure the paper when using the printer for the first time

II. Panel control

pause key: pause and start printing

feed key: walk a piece of paper

cancel key: when printing data is transmitted to the printer, but it is not necessary to print, press pause first, and then press cancel several times until the data light is turned off

calibrate: label test When installing a new specification label, test the parameters of the label before normal printing

method: press the pause key first, and then press calibrate to measure the paper (the label has an acceleration process when measuring the paper, indicating that the paper is measured correctly)

note: after paper measurement, the label can be rewind, and the carbon tape cannot be rewind

III. equipment debugging

customers can select the printing method according to their own requirements, and select setup to enter the setting

darkness temperature value

tear off position of label

print mode peer off

media type non - continuous paper

print method thermal trans

print width

list formats format list

list setup setup list

media and ribbon calibrate paper and carbon tape

label top print position adjustment

left position label print position adjustment

use the left and right black keys to modify the settings, and select the exit key to exit the settings. Finally, select the next/save key to save the setting data. After the debugging is normal, you can enter the setting list setup, then select the black button on the right to print out the standard settings, and save this label for proofreading in case of failure

IV. routine maintenance and regular maintenance

in order to ensure the quality and long-term good performance of the bar code printer, it is necessary to clean it regularly. The more frequently the bar code printer is used, the more often it should be cleaned (infrequent use = weekly cleaning; frequent use = daily cleaning)

cleaning of print head

the print head should be cleaned regularly and regularly. The cleaning tools can be cotton swabs and alcohol Turn off the power supply of the barcode printer, keep the same direction when wiping (to avoid residual dirt when wiping back and forth), turn up the print head, remove the color band and label paper, and gently wipe the print head with a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) soaked with the print head cleaning solution until it is clean. Then gently dry the print head with a clean cotton swab

to keep the print head clean, you can get a good printing effect. The most important thing is to prolong the service life of the print head

cleaning and maintenance of the rubber roller

regularly and regularly clean the rubber roller of the barcode printer. The cleaning tool can use cotton swabs and alcohol to keep the rubber roller clean. It is also to obtain good printing effect and prolong the service life of the print head During the printing process, the label paper will leave a lot of small powder on the glue stick. If it is not cleaned in time, the print head will be damaged; The rubber stick has been used for a long time. If it is worn or uneven, it will also affect the printing and damage the print head

cylinder cleaning

after cleaning the print head, clean the cylinder with a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) soaked in 75% alcohol. The method is to turn the drum by hand while scrubbing, and dry it after it is clean. The cleaning interval of the above two steps is generally once every three days. If the barcode printer is used frequently, it is better to clean it once a day

cleaning of the transmission system and the inside of the chassis

because the label paper is generally self-adhesive, its adhesive is easy to stick to the transmission shaft and channel, plus there is dust, which directly affects the printing effect, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. Generally once a week, the method is to use a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) soaked in alcohol to wipe the dust on the surfaces of the transmission shafts, channels and the chassis. After cleaning, wipe it dry

sensor cleaning

keep the sensor clean so that paper measuring errors or carbon tape errors will not occur. The sensor includes a color band sensor and a label sensor. See the instructions for their positions. Generally, they are cleaned once every three to six months. The method is to scrub the sensor head with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. After cleaning, wipe it dry

cleaning of the paper feed guide slot:

generally, there is no major problem with the guide slot, but sometimes the label is stuck in the guide slot due to artificial or label quality problems. It is also necessary to clean it in time

warm reminder:

the temperature of bar code printer is generally kept between 10-24, not too high, otherwise it is easy to reduce the service life of the print head. Pay attention to the matching of carbon tape and label. Generally, coated paper is equipped with wax based carbon tape, and synthetic paper is equipped with half tree or full tree carbon tape. In addition, pay attention to keep the label paper flat, do not make it uneven, otherwise the print head is easy to wear

v. print head pressure adjustment

print head pressure shall be adjusted according to different printing media. Pressure of the print head under normal conditions: adjust the nut to the highest position when the printing is better. Otherwise, the rubber roller will be deformed during long-term printing, resulting in carbon belt wrinkle and poor printing effect

VI. all indicators of the printer are on, and the LCD does not display and cannot operate.

cause: the motherboard or EPROM is damaged. Solution: contact your distributor to replace the motherboard or install the EPROM correctly

VII. All indicator lights of the printer flash and cannot measure paper

cause: sensor failure solution: clean the dust on the sensor surface or contact your dealer to replace the sensor

VIII. Longitudinal line missing during printer printing

cause: there is dust on the surface of the print head or the printer is worn during long-term printing. Solution: clean the print head with alcohol or replace the print head

IX. deviation of carbon tape or label paper in printer printing

cause: uneven paper pressing spring and paper limiter not adjusted according to the width of the tab solution: adjust the spring and paper limiter

X. unclear printing and poor quality


1. the temperature is too low

2. the quality of carbon tape and label is too poor

3. the print head is not installed correctly


1. increase the printing temperature, that is, increase the printing density

2. replace the carbon tape and label paper

3. readjust the position of the print head, especially pay attention to the consistency of the left and right height

Xi. The carbon belt is wrinkled


1. the carbon belt is not properly wrapped around the machine

2. incorrect temperature setting

3. the pressure and balance of the print head are not set correctly

4. the media is not set correctly


1. reinstall the media correctly

2. adjust the printing temperature to meet the printing requirements as much as possible

3. reset the minimum pressure required for printing

4. reset the correct media feeding amount

XII. Changing the parameter setting does not work

reason: the parameter setting may be incorrect. If the parameter setting is confirmed to be correct and the problem still exists, it may be the problem of the motherboard

solution: restart the machine, set the factory settings, then set the parameters and save them permanently. If you restart the machine and use the printer according to the default method after factory setting, if it still fails, you have to send it to the manufacturer to replace the motherboard

XIII. Software related faults

printing Chinese characters, English and bar codes with Barone software is normal, but printing with other printing software cannot print Chinese characters

reason: Barone software directly controls the printer, while many other printing software print through windows drivers. Only select the appropriate printing program can print Chinese characters. It is recommended to use seagull driver

solution: contact your product supplier and use good drivers such as seagull driver, or use software such as Barone to directly drive the printer

XIV. Paper change related faults

it was normal to print labels. However, since another carbon belt was changed, labels always print and paper feeding is abnormal

cause: the printer has a memory sensor to identify carbon tape and label. Re measure the paper when changing the paper and carbon tape

solution: take the S400 (105se) seamless steel pipe whose inner diameter is more than 6.0mm as an example. Under the normal printing mode, press the mode key three times and press the feed key. At this time, a lot of paper will be produced. After the paper is produced, the paper measurement will be completed, and the paper measurement information will be automatically recorded into the printer. It is not necessary to measure paper again next time. The paper that comes out can be rolled back

15. Print the large label in half and the other half is empty.

print the small label normally, but print the large label in half and the other half is empty

cause: there is too little print memory. When the label is too large, some information is lost

solution: contact your product supplier to increase the printer memory

XVI. What kind of label printer should be used

how should users choose a label printer suitable for their own applications? When selecting a label printer, the following questions should be considered:

number of Prints: if you need to print more than 1000 labels per day, you need a strong industrial grade printer with a metal shell, such as zebra 105se, XIII series, etc. If the printing quantity is small, desktop personal printer series can be used, such as zebra S400, S600, etc

label size: the general label printer can print 4 x6 labels, which is tangent to the specifications of current freight labels. You can also flexibly print labels of different sizes according to your own needs. If you need to print wider labels, you can choose 170xi II and 220xi II models

label content: if you only need to print barcode and text, the general label printer can be competent. However, if you need to print different bar codes (such as product numbers) or words (such as shipping labels) for each label, and do not want to stop printing halfway, you need a printer equipped with a 32-bit processor, which can greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, if you want to print high-quality images on the label, you can consider using a 300dpi print head to get better results

printing speed: different types of printers have different printing speeds, depending on the speed requirements of users. Generally, the printing speed of label printers is 2-6 per second, while higher speed printers (such as zebra Xi II Series) can print 8-12 per second. If a large number of labels need to be printed in a short time, high-speed printers are more suitable

applications in different industries: printers used on the production line or in the warehouse should be solid models with metal shells, such as zebra 105se and Xi II series; However, desktop personal printer series, such as zebra S400 and S500, can be selected in the sales point or office because they require less space and are easy to move

I feel more and more difficult in this process

XVII. How to print bar codes quickly

there are several methods of high-precision sensor full digital microcomputer servo system to improve the printing speed. One or more of them can be used

1 then) use the parallel port instead of the serial port originally provided by zebra. Although the serial port is simple to connect and wide to use, its disadvantage is its slow speed. It is possible for general applications, but for speed

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