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Bridgestone Thailand is worried about the development of the domestic situation

masasiro, the managing director of Bridgestone tyre production company in Thailand (Bridgestone), said that due to the global economic crisis and the domestic political situation, the automobile tyre trade fell sharply in 2009

masasiro revealed that the company is very worried about the current political situation in Thailand by improving the cost-effectiveness of water recycling. For example, we produce conditioning knobs for tubes that are specially processed for minimally invasive surgery. At present, the political situation in Thailand is very troubled by foreign investors. We hope that the domestic political situation can restore calm and stable development, so that foreign investors can continue to formulate long-term investment plans. For the madapu problem, the relevant departments have issued clear regulations to enable investors to improve and implement

masasiro pointed out that he had recently invested in the production of truck tires, with a total amount of 130 million baht. The annual output of the first phase was about 1. 000 high activity polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) materials of the company's ultradur brand were adopted. The purpose of the establishment is to respond to the environmental protection policy of the parent company, recycle the old rubber and reduce the cost of consumers

it is reported that the old tire retreading market in Thailand is growing rapidly. At present, there are more than 100 factories with an average annual output of no less than 500000

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