Brief analysis of animal fur price trend in Januar

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A brief analysis of the price trend of animal fur in January 2007

the sales of North raccoon fur are stable, and the price is stable. The timbre and interval will change a lot when it is struck.

recently, due to the basic completion of orders from garment factories, the sales of North raccoon fur have remained stable, and the price has also remained stable

domestic silver fox skin sold smoothly, and the price rose sharply

recently, affected by a large number of additional orders for silver fox fur collars received by garment factories in Xinji and other places, the transactions of silver fox fur are significantly more than before. In addition, the price of fried leather has been very high, and the price of cooked leather has also risen sharply, firmly focusing on the major needs of the new generation information technology industry and high-end equipment manufacturing industry

the sales of domestic Silver Orchid leather are smooth, and the price rises sharply

recently, there are also many orders for Silver Orchid ornaments from garment factories in Xinji and other places, which has led to a sharp increase in the sales volume and price of domestic Silver Orchid leather

Rex rabbit skin has stable sales and prices

recently, there is no real demand for Rex rabbit skins, and Rex Rabbit rawhide transactions in the market remain stable. Because middlemen are optimistic about the market in the next few years, the price does not fluctuate much

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