Brent crude oil rose as the conflict in Syria esca

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Brent crude oil rose due to the escalation of the Syrian conflict

Brent crude oil rose due to the escalation of the Syrian conflict

June 18, 2013

[China paint information] Brent crude oil rose to $106/barrel on Monday (June 17). As the increasingly fierce contradictions between the United States and Syria have increased the risk of involvement in disputes in the Middle East crude oil producing regions, there may be a shortage of crude oil supply in the future. However, the recent surplus of U.S. crude oil reserves and the weakness of global demand are expected to offset the negative impact of insufficient supply

last Friday (June 14), Hassan Rohani was elected president of Iran, and investors are also concerned about whether he can resolve the conflict with the United States on Iran's nuclear issue. Previously, western countries had restricted Iran's oil exports

ric Spooner, chief market analyst at CMC markets, said, "the dollar fell before the Federal Reserve meeting this week. 1. What is the problem with the electronic tensile testing machine? It is an abnormal decline, which makes crude oil traders believe that the oil price can break through the current resistance. At present, Brent crude oil faces a resistance area of $106.50 to effectively reduce the losses caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other large-scale natural disasters of $106.70."

spoon said at the same time, "since the fundamentals of last Friday did not give much support to oil prices, the market turned its attention to the possible supply shortage caused by the fierce conflict in the Middle East, or the weakness of the US dollar, hoping that these can help boost oil prices."

at 02:32 Beijing time, Brent crude oil was reported at $105.52/barrel

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