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Brief analysis of corrugated box industry in North China (II)

due to the high proportion of ordinary workers in enterprises, the proportion of employees with high school/technical secondary school education and below is relatively large. In enterprises of various natures, the sum of the two ranges from 75% to 94%. Except for holding companies such as Guoru crash, less than 25% of employees have college degrees or above. It can be seen that the education of personnel in this industry is not high. In addition to the low technical requirements for operators, there are few undergraduate education specifically for this technology in China at present. 60% of the employees of Xianghe Donghua paper products Co., Ltd. have junior high school degrees, and most of the operators and computer management employees are college graduates or above. The academic qualifications of department and ministerial level personnel are mostly technical secondary school or above, and the educational qualifications of ordinary workers are below high school. The person in charge said that there would be no major adjustment to the personnel education structure. The high-tech content of the carton production industry was not high, and the focus was on the operating skills of skilled workers

in terms of region, there are not many junior college and above talents in all provinces and cities, and the proportion of Liaoning Province and Heilongjiang Province is slightly higher. Among the employees of Harbin Sanli carton manufacturing Co., Ltd., high school and technical secondary school degrees account for more than 5O%. The education of general equipment operators is above high school, and the education of auxiliary employees is below high school. Most of the middle and senior managers who are above the monitor of the workshop have college degrees or bachelor degrees. The so-called senior technical talents only refer to skilled workers. Oneortwo engineers in the whole enterprise are enough. The person in charge said that there will not be much demand for higher education in the future, because the scientific and technological content of the industry is not very high. As long as there are good equipment, skilled workers and talents who actively develop the market, the enterprise can gradually progress

according to the survey of enterprises, high paid people are concentrated in senior managers and senior technicians, in wholly foreign-owned enterprises and joint ventures. Their basic salary (excluding bonuses, dividends and other types of income) is about 3000 ~ 5000 yuan. In state-owned enterprises and huge market demand, joint-stock enterprises and limited companies, the basic salary level of these two positions is also more in 3000 microelectronics technology, computer technology, precision machinery technology, high sealing technology, special processing technology, integration technology, thin film technology, network technology, nanotechnology, laser technology High and new technologies such as superconducting technology and biotechnology have developed rapidly. In fact, these two positions have extra income such as bonuses and dividends. The annual salary difference of the same position in different companies will be as much as 100000. The average basic salary of intermediate management and intermediate technical personnel is between 2000 yuan and 3000 yuan, and a few are less than 2000 yuan. Similarly, in wholly foreign-owned enterprises, the basic salary of these two positions is higher. The basic salary of ordinary technicians and ordinary employees is mostly less than 2000 yuan

in terms of region, the salary level of enterprises in Liaoning Province is higher, while the salary level of Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Hebei provinces is slightly lower. The average salary of Harbin Sanli carton manufacturing Co., Ltd. is about 2000 yuan. Because the local salary level is not high, it can't compare with South China and East China. The person in charge said that some high-tech workers can't get 30 here. The pulley and gear drive the recording cylinder to measure the displacement of 00 yuan, but in South China, they may get a monthly salary of 50000 yuan, so there is a brain drain

with the automation trend of enterprises and the increasing requirements for talents, the salary level of medium and high-tech talents will continue to increase. According to the survey, the average salary level of Xianghe Donghua paper products Co., Ltd. is higher than that of the same industry in the same region. The future salary adjustment idea will adopt the "post (machine) contract system". With the increase of workers' wages, the wages of non production personnel (including technicians) will also increase accordingly

development trend of corrugated box industry in North China

flexo printing technology has great potential in this region

flexo printing technology has an absolute advantage in the corrugated paper printing industry. The quality of flexographic printing cartons is much better than that of ordinary offset printing and hand-made offset printing cartons. To print high-end cartons, it is best to use flexographic printing, especially flexographic preprint. At present, it is widely used in South China and East China nationwide, but flexographic printing cartons are relatively few in North China and other regions. For example, in other regions, the proportion of flexographic printing is less than half, and many carton factories are still using laser engraving machines. The rubber version with engraving mechanism is about 0.10 yuan per square centimeter, while the flexo version is about 0.0 yuan per square centimeter. In addition, the rubber version can print 80000 cartons each time, and the flexible version can print 100000 cartons. The number of prints is similar, but the price of plate making is much lower. However, the printing quality of rubber plate is far lower than that of flexible plate, and the environmental pollution is also quite serious. Therefore, with the development of economy and the improvement of packaging quality requirements, coupled with the extension of economic development from coastal to Imam land, the advantages of flexible edition will gradually show up in this market with the greatest potential in other regions

in addition, with the gradual development of corrugated boxes from transportation packaging to sales packaging, the packaging structure tends to be low gram weight, high strength, lightweight, simple and high-end cartons. At the same time, the internationally popular micro corrugated box will also be gradually developed in China. This trend requires carton printing to develop from monochrome to multi-color dots, with clear, beautiful and three-dimensional printing. This puts forward higher requirements for carton printing, and also provides opportunities for the development of the carton industry. The emerging technology of corrugated carton industry will be brought into full play

the industry is highly competitive, and the price tends to decrease

the price of cartons in North China varies according to different regions. But on the whole, the price has been declining, which also reflects the fierce competition in the corrugated box industry in North China. According to statistics, since 1997, the trend of carton prices has been all the way down. The average decline of paperboard is 8%, which slows down with the reduction of carton profit space. It is estimated that in the future, the price of cartons may also shrink by 1% - 3%, mainly because on the one hand, cartons customers face fierce market competition, and packaging into plates has become one of the key issues to be considered

on the other hand, the price of base paper, which accounts for more than 70% of the cost of cartons, has been rising in recent years. However, with the expansion of the scale of the paper mill, the increase of inventory, the production of new factories and the intervention of foreign capital, the paper price may shrink slightly. In order to avoid being eliminated in the reshuffle, the carton industry has to face the reality and take measures such as expanding production capacity, increasing economies of scale, tightening the market, reducing hoe costs, stabilizing the surrounding business scope, and preventing "darkness under the light"

North China is an important papermaking base in China, and there are many raw paper markets of corrugated boxes with multiple specifications, low gram weight and high strength. In the face of fierce market competition, most carton manufacturers will bear in mind the heavy lesson of some manufacturers' dilemma of "high input and low output", and will take a more cautious and mature attitude in technological transformation. It is reported that the new high-speed tile production capacity in North China has accounted for more than 35% of the production capacity in the region, and the number of newly added and put into operation carton pre printing equipment has accounted for more than 5O% of the total number of carton pre printing equipment in the country

in addition. With the rapid development of carton paper industry and packaging machinery industry in China, flexographic printing has been recognized and widely used by carton manufacturers and packaging users. For example, some powerful manufacturers in Tianjin have introduced domestic and foreign advanced printing slotting machines and printing die-cutting machines. In recent years, 8O% of the products use flexo to improve the printing effect of carton layout. Because flexographic printing has unique advantages. Therefore, flexographic printing technology plays an obvious role in the carton industry

at the same time, the new product development and design ability of carton enterprises in North China is relatively weak, especially private and small and medium-sized enterprises. The products produced are relatively single, and the product added value and technical content are relatively low, while the research and development ability of foreign-funded packaging enterprises is very high, producing and researching and developing new paper packaging products. In short, the carton enterprises in North China are mainly foreign-funded, Taiwan funded enterprises and large private enterprises, while the management level of foreign-funded and joint ventures is relatively high. Although private enterprises have formed their own advantages through development, there is still a big gap in product development, technological innovation and integrated platform management

domestic equipment is the mainstream of technical equipment

in terms of technical equipment of carton enterprises, Beijing Tianjin Tangshan area is still dominated by land products, and the proportion of products is very low compared with Europe, the United States and Japan. This is very different from East China and South China, where the corrugated carton industry is developed. In terms of product quality, the requirements for carton printing color in Beijing Tianjin Tangshan area are relatively low. Although 3-4 colors also account for a certain proportion, the proportion below 3 colors is higher. This shows that the demand of carton users in this area is not high. Therefore, the requirements for printing color are relatively low. However, under the guidance of national policies, the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan region is moving closer to developed regions with its rapid development speed. I believe that with the passage of time, the product quality of this region will be improved rapidly

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