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Foreign brands of air purifiers dominate the offline market, and yadu is the best offline brand.

air purifiers have been in the top three of the top 10 in the search list recently, and the sales of air purifiers in China will continue to grow at a high speed in the next three years. Foreign brands have an absolute advantage in the offline market, while among domestic brands, yadu xiazhidu is usually composed of motors, reducers and bearings. The frequent occurrence of haze weather has contributed to the air purifier industry, which has remained in the top three of the top 10 in the search list recently, and has entered a period of national demand for air purifiers. According to ZDC data from the Internet Consumption Research Center, the attention index of the air purifier market in March rose 104.3% month on month

the incidence rate of lung cancer has been rising in recent years due to factors such as air pollution, uncontrolled environment, and the continuous rise of smokers. The public has shown unprecedented anxiety and concern about the hidden dangers brought by environmental pollution, and the environmental awareness of the whole people has been continuously enhanced. At present, the household ownership of air purifiers in China is less than 1%, and the future air purifier market will show a trend of rapid development

Huang Yuanyuan, an analyst at AVC, said that considering that the current market penetration of air purifiers in China is far lower than that in Japan, South Korea and developed countries in Europe and the United States, as more and more enterprises begin to layout the air purifier market, full competition will accelerate the upgrading of product technology. AVC predicts that China's air purifier sales will continue to grow at a high speed in the next three years, In 2014, the market scale of air purifiers will exceed 20billion yuan

it is reported that with the aggravation of air pollution, more and more manufacturers have entered the air purifier market. Since 2013, the air purifier market has shown explosive growth, with 77 brands in 2013

from the perspective of brand pattern, foreign and domestic brands in the market are equally matched. The main shares of foreign brands come from Philips, sharp, Panasonic and Daikin, and the main shares of domestic brands come from Kessler, JMS and Midea. Foreign brands have an absolute advantage in the offline market, with Philips, sharp and Panasonic top three accounting for more than 50% of the market share, while among domestic brands, yadu is the next best, steadily occupying the fourth position with 8.1% of the market share

Huang Yuanyuan believes that from the perspective of product structure, to improve the overall competitiveness of the industry, with the rapid expansion of market capacity, the product structure of air purifiers also shows an obvious upgrading trend. At present, air purifiers on the market mainly adopt filtration methods such as activated carbon, HEPA, ions, catalysts, etc. to prevent oil leakage under high pressure. According to AVC monitoring data, air purifiers equipped with HEPA, activated carbon filtration and ion filtration systems are mainstream products, accounting for about 80% of the market share

it is understood that the technical threshold of air purifier is very low, and carbon adsorption technology is mainly used at present. At the same time, China's air purifier industry is still in a period of rapid growth, with high overall profits, and the gross profit margin of air purifiers is at least 100%. At the same time, low technology threshold and ultra-high profits have attracted all kinds of enterprises, and many international brands, domestic big brands and small and medium-sized enterprises have entered, resulting in the uneven quality of the whole industry, and the air purifier industry urgently needs to be standardized

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