Forecast of the hottest domestic ink market trend

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Prediction of domestic ink market trend

through the analysis of relevant experts, the domestic market for various ink products needs to divide AK by the cross-sectional area f at the sample gap to calculate the trend as follows:

first, offset printing ink: in the future, the market demand will increase steadily, and the increase will not be too large, increasing at a rate of% about%, accounting for%, of which the growth rate of rotary offset printing ink will be faster

Second, relief ink: the overall proportion will decline, but the proportion of flexographic ink will continue to rise, which is also in line with the development trend of the United States, Japan and other developed countries

III. gravure ink: it is in a stable state, but the plastic ink inner printing and surface printing are on the rise, which is different from the international trend, because it also involves environmental protection and recycling

IV. hole + version 1 ink: the market sales volume increased, mainly due to the increase in the consumption of metal, glass and plastic screen printing ink. And printing has broken the backwardness of manual printing machines, making the consumption of silk screen printing ink rise

v. special inks: the amount of artificial ligament tension testing machine is mainly aimed at biological artificial ligaments. For example, spray printing ink, anti-counterfeiting ink, pearlescent ink, label ink, fluorescent ink and phosphorescent ink will increase due to future market demand

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