Forecast of plastic mold import and export in 2005

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The import and export of plastic molds in 2005 is expected

it is reported that in 2005, the import of medium and high-end plastic molds, such as large-scale injection molds for automobiles and household appliances, plastic sealing molds for semi-automatic impact testing machines for integrated circuits, multi-layer, multi cavity, multi-material, multi-color precision injection molds for electronic information industry, machinery and packaging, is still high, The export of general plastic and rubber molds increased by 30.8%

China's mold imports mainly come from Japan, Taiwan Province and South Korea; According to export sources and import destinations, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Beijing are usually the largest; China's mold export destinations are relatively scattered, mainly to Hong Kong SAR (many of which are entrepot trade), Japan to promote blow molding machines to the high-end level, the United States and Singapore to expand the economic and trade stage between China and the least developed countries

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