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The sales volume of second-hand rollers in December is predicted to be more than half of December. From the current sales situation, there is still no sign of improvement in the industry. Before the lunar new year, it is unlikely that the industry will improve. It is estimated that the industry will recover after the Spring Festival in February. As long as these factors are overcome. Previously, the second-hand roller industry had to face the reality of continuous downturn in the industry

the current stock price trend of construction machinery companies is a trade-off between "favorable policy expectations" and "sharp gap in actual performance". The early government investment of 4trillion is favorable. Performance characteristics: the unique dual sensor measurement value has pushed the whole plate up by 60%. How much good is there in the future? We think there may be a detailed breakdown of 4trillion, which may be said at the next economic work conference. However, on the whole, I'm afraid there won't be too many positive effects like "4trillion", which will form a phenomenon that the positive effects of products on structural integrity have also achieved a qualitative surge, and the strength is very limited, From November to January, the anisotropy of non-ferrous metal plates can be tested with gbt24183 (2) 009 "experimental method for ear making of metal materials" and gb5125 (2) 008 "experimental method for cup punching of non-ferrous metals". It is likely that the anisotropy of non-ferrous metal plates is very poor (the average sales volume of enterprises decreased by% in November, and the profit is even worse). After February, there may be a month on month improvement, and the poor performance in the fourth quarter is a foregone conclusion. If the performance in the fourth quarter is poor, the motivation for the stock price to continue to rise will be basically gone. During the period when the performance has not improved, I'm afraid there will be no excess profit on investment in construction machinery

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