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Polycarbonate market forecast

polycarbonate (PC for short) is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance. It has a wide range of applications in the field of national economy, and has entered the fields of automobile, electronic and electrical, construction, office equipment, packaging, sports equipment,

medical care, household products and so on. At present, polycarbonate is rapidly expanding to many high-tech fields such as aviation, aerospace, electronic computing

machines, optical discs and so on, especially in the use of optical discs. Among the five engineering plastics

, polycarbonate is the general engineering plastic with the fastest growth rate, second only to polyamide. Market outlook

international market

in the coming period, the demand for polycarbonate will continue to grow, and Asia Pacific and Latin America will be the fastest growing regions. It is estimated that by 2005, the world demand for polycarbonate will reach 1.9 ~ 2 million tons,

the average annual growth rate of demand from 1996 to 2005 is about 5 4%。 Among them, computers, optical discs and other information products have the fastest growth

domestic market

with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for polycarbonate in various fields will continue to increase. If calculated by an average annual growth of 10% in the future, it is expected that the demand for polycarbonate in mainland China will be nearly 170000 tons by 2005

Although after nearly 40 years of development, China has not yet formed its own advanced polycarbonate technology and production equipment with industrial scale. The polycarbonate industry is still stagnant at a low level, far behind the developed countries, and the gains are not worth the losses, and it is not commensurate with the high-speed development of the national economy. In recent years, the domestic consumption of polycarbonate has increased rapidly, but

almost all depends on imports. It is urgent to make great efforts to develop the domestic polycarbonate industry. Otherwise, the industry will be monopolized by foreign products

(1) it is suggested to seek to introduce foreign advanced technology through various ways. There is a large gap between the current domestic technical level and the advanced foreign level, and the domestic polycarbonate market is in a period of rapid development. In addition, if it is completely dependent on and can make the main and auxiliary machines work together; Detect and adjust the temperature, pressure and flow of plastic in the extruder; To realize the control or automatic control of all units, it is difficult to develop the

technology domestically, which may miss the favorable opportunity for development, so we should mainly introduce complete sets of technology. There are two main problems in the process of introducing

, one is whether the foreign party agrees to transfer the technology, and the other is how much the transfer fee is. We should take an active attitude towards the first question, and attract foreign parties to transfer technology or cooperate to set up factories through various channels and preferential policies. As for the second question, in the current situation, as long as the economic benefit evaluation allows, it can benefit people, and strive to do a good job in the digestion and absorption of imported technology, which will do more good than harm to narrow the gap between us and the advanced level of foreign countries and promote the development of China's polycarbonate industry

(2) speed up the transformation of existing domestic devices. The domestic device technology is backward, the equipment is simple, the consumption is high, and the quality of products is poor, so the operating rate is very low. We should introduce key equipment and advanced control instruments, appropriately expand the production scale

mold, and improve the production level of existing domestic devices as much as possible

(3) strengthen the application research of polycarbonate. Although the consumption of polycarbonate in China has increased rapidly, the application field of polycarbonate is still very narrow, and more than half of the imported products are used in textile and light industry. In developed countries, polycarbonate is widely used in automotive and electronic/electrical industries, and the added value of products is very high. These product markets have not been fully developed in China. With automotive and electronic/electrical industries becoming the pillar industries vigorously developed by the country, the application of polycarbonate in these fields will increase significantly. In the future, the application of polycarbonate should develop in the direction of high functionality and specialization, and make full use of some domestic scientific research institutions. On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with technical achievements in plastic modification and plastic alloy, improving the grade and added value of products, competing with various foreign special brand polycarbonate in the field of product application, and striving to occupy the domestic market

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