Foreign investment in medical machinery and equipm

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Foreign investment in the field of medical machinery and equipment in Myanmar has increased significantly.

the increasing per capita expenditure, the budding middle class, and the domestic medical market still rely on at present have prompted domestic enterprises to start business in the medical industry in Myanmar. Maung Maung Lei, vice chairman of the Myanmar chamber of Commerce and industry, said that because Myanmar's medical treatment is still at a low level, there are huge business opportunities here. Before 2014, domestic investors' investment in medical equipment was limited. According to a recent statement of "trade and investment" in the UK, from then on, the Ministry of health has launched the medical industry with serious lack of funds, and approved international investment into private hospitals, clinics, diagnostic services, drugs and medical equipment, easy transmission efficiency, high-efficiency civilian manufacturing war, civilian medical and health education institutions. Since the introduction of foreign capital into Myanmar's medical industry, private hospitals in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have hoped and begun to enter this industry. Analysts expect that they will occupy most of the market share of Qingdao Haiba energy group, which was once enthusiastic about the happy valley. However, some students and medical experts have reportedly rejected the entry of health care individuals, including Malaysian IHH, into Myanmar

at the same time, the Yi People's League issued a statement saying that their primary goal is to improve and expand basic medical care, and other goals also include increasing the expenditure paid in cash when seeing a doctor - this kind of cash expenditure is mainly in private hospitals. The statement also said that the league would expand the scope of public health by providing private hospitals and clinics in accordance with the law

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