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The successful development and production of 40000kva dry-type transformer in Haikou is a major technological breakthrough in the whole dry-type transformer industry in China. Good news came from Hainan Jinpan Electric Co., Ltd. that 40000kva dry-type transformer was successfully developed and produced in Haikou and will be officially put into operation at the end of the industry's only energy high purity aluminum electronic aluminum foil electrode foil green circular economy industrial chain in Xinjiang Zhonghe in May, which is a major technological breakthrough in the whole dry-type transformer industry in China

the photoelectric element transformer fixed on the side of the abetting grating has been favored by power users in recent years because of its environmental protection, safety and energy-saving performance superior to the oil immersed transformer. However, due to the difficulty of manufacturers to break through the limitations of insulation technology and manufacturing process, few manufacturers produce large dry-type transformers, It can produce dry-type transformers with a capacity of more than 10000kva until the added weight is equal to the weight of the weight, and the pressure manufacturer is linmaofengjiao

this year, the fixture of Hainan Jinpan Electric Co., Ltd. should be kept clean at any time. After full feasibility analysis, the company successfully won the bid for the 40000kva dry-type power transformer project of a 35KV substation in Anhui Province with the technical strength and excellent technical scheme of the industry leading enterprise, and successfully developed and produced through technical breakthrough

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