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Guotai Junan Futures: rubber, bargain hunting

[yesterday's inner market]

yesterday's rubber 0811 contract opened at 25780 yuan, with a maximum of 25990 yuan, a minimum of 25560 yuan, and closed at 25725 yuan, up 515 yuan, with a trading volume of 406592 hands and a reduction of 1702 hands to 86016 hands; The rubber 0809 contract opened at 28330 yuan, with a maximum of 28530 yuan and a minimum of 27850 yuan. It closed at 28035 yuan, up 40 yuan, with a trading volume of 88172 hands and a reduction of 8126 to 76156 hands

[overnight trading]

1. The NYMEX crude oil index rose $2.65 to $124.71

2. Yesterday, Japanese rubber indexes such as BASF and Bayer rose 3.27 yen to 332.06 yen


1. 818 tons of domestic 5# standard glue were sold at an average price of 27696 yuan/ton

2. From today on, the margin of 0809 contract will be increased by 5% on the existing basis

3. Gongfangxiong, chief economist of JPMorgan Chase China, released a report on the 30th, saying that the government is expected to liberalize more price controls in the short term. 2. The full Chinese interface of cement pressure testing machine will not levy resource tax

4. The data released by the US Department of Commerce yesterday showed that the US economy grew by 1.9% in the second quarter, higher than 0.9% in the first quarter, but lower than the previously expected 2.4%

[technical analysis]

the main 0811 contract continues to look for direction near the 60 antenna, waiting for a breakthrough

[operation suggestions]

yesterday, the price difference between 0809 contract and 0811 contract fell to 2300 from 2700 on the previous trading day. At the same time, 0809 contract has significantly reduced its position. 8 according to the survey of industrial securities, more than 000 hands, it shows that the possibility of closing positions has become smaller. After today's low opening, it was mainly bargain hunting, focusing on the 0811 contract and the position changes of 0809 contract

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