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On April 11, Zhang Guoxin, general manager of Guodian Nanzi, accompanied Yun Mingren, general manager of Huadian Group, to investigate Jiangsu Shangneng transformer company. At the company station of Shangneng transformer, Zhang Guo's use of new wall insulation materials will significantly increase the cost of the building. His new identity is the chairman of Shangneng transformer. This is the first time that Zhang Guoxin has appeared as the chairman of Shangneng transformer, which means that Guodian South has realized its strategic plan to purchase Shangneng transformer since the end of last year, and has officially taken the ownership

Shangneng transformer mainly develops special transformers. Its products are a full series of oil immersed, dry-type transformers and reactors with voltage levels of 330kV and below. The market is concentrated in power, transportation, municipal, energy conservation and environmental protection industries. In 2009, Shangneng transformer achieved an operating income of 84.27 million yuan and a net profit of 5.45 million yuan. According to insiders, the operating revenue in 2010 was more than 100million yuan

transformer belongs to primary equipment in power equipment. Guodian Nanzi is good at power protection devices and automatic control systems, and is the leader of domestic secondary equipment. The domestic primary and secondary power equipment market has been divided for a long time, and two major products and technology camps have been formed. The hardness range of foaming finished products can be 5C (6) 0C, but the development of intelligent electricity and technological progress have driven the integration of primary and secondary equipment

in June 2010, Guodian Nanzi cooperated with China XD Group, which has the largest primary equipment scale and 1/3 market share in China, to establish Jiangsu XD Nanzi intelligent equipment company in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. This is the first time that Guodian South has expanded its strategic layout to the field of primary equipment since then, and it is also the first case that domestic primary and secondary equipment manufacturers integrate production and manufacturing. Liusuowei Shanghai Membrane Technology Laboratory of China Southern Power EHV transmission company also brought cutting-edge testing and evaluation technologies such as scanning electron microscopy and gel permeation chromatography to membrane developers in Greater China. Pan Jimeng, chief engineer of the State Bureau, believes that the cooperation between Guodian Nanzi and XD clearly hopes to achieve the technical integration of primary and secondary equipment through the strong combination of primary and secondary equipment manufacturers. He judged that primary equipment and secondary equipment must be the trend of integration. Whoever integrates well can grasp the trend and win

this time, Guodian Nanyang purchased Shangneng transformer, making it another city in the layout of primary power equipment, and the product line of primary equipment extends from switches to special transformers. In this equity transaction, Guodian South invested 54.2 million yuan to control 51.13 shares of Shangneng transformer. After the acquisition of yuedan 1, Jiangsu Shangneng transformer company was renamed Jiangsu Shangneng Xinte transformer company

zouhui, an analyst at Orient Securities who has been tracking Guodian Nanzi for a long time, was a little confused when she saw the news that the two companies were discussing strategic cooperation, but she soon realized the strategic intention of Guodian Nanzi. Our analysis shows that Guodian South aims to further extend to primary equipment since then; Secondly, Guodian Nanzi will expand and strengthen the inverter business in the future. The important raw material of the inverter is the transformer. The acquisition of Shangneng transformer will reduce the procurement cost for the company. In addition to the business needs of frequency converters, Guodian Nanzi also has channel resources to purchase transformers in rail transit and new energy power generation

after the acquisition, Guodian Nanzi's sufficient procurement capacity will greatly improve the market sales of Shangneng transformer. Zouhui estimated that the operating income of Shangneng transformer is expected to reach 500million yuan in 2012. If it can be achieved, that is, the transformer performance can achieve a rapid growth of three or four times in two years

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