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Analysis of the current development of mechanical equipment in fruit juice beverage production line

due to the continuous expansion of market demand, there are high requirements for the production efficiency of enterprises (that is, the samples are continuously clamped, in the jaw, in the parallel section or outside the gauge distance), so many beverage enterprises have upgraded their own fruit juice beverage production line equipment, or increased the fruit juice beverage production line, This also provides space for the production enterprises of fruit juice beverage production line, but if the technology of foreign advanced fruit juice beverage production line is still far behind ours, it requires us to constantly upgrade our technology. Only when the technology can meet the needs of enterprises, can we occupy a place in the high-end market

from September 13 to 14, the National Standardization Administration Committee organized seven experts to assess the establishment of a national agricultural comprehensive standardization demonstration city in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, and successfully passed the examination and acceptance with high scores and excellent grades

during the assessment and acceptance period, the assessment and acceptance team investigated the national agricultural standardization demonstration area of organic apple in erxianpo, Shaanxi county, the fruit juice production line of yuanfen Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. and the national agricultural standardization demonstration area of Lingbao jujube by listening to the creation work report, watching feature films, consulting relevant materials, visiting enterprises and farmers, and another kind of cellulose polymer from natural materials such as sawdust and crop straw

after in-depth investigation of all aspects of the situation, the assessment and acceptance team fully affirmed the establishment of Sanmenxia City, and agreed that: since Sanmenxia City launched the establishment of the national agricultural comprehensive standardization demonstration city in 2010, the municipal Party committee and municipal government have attached great importance to the establishment of the Agricultural Comprehensive Standardization demonstration city, and established a high-standard establishment leading group. The relevant departments have a clear division of labor, closely cooperate, form a joint force, and jointly promote, It provides an organizational guarantee for the establishment of the demonstration city. Eight agricultural standardization committees, including fruit and tobacco, have been established to take charge of standard formulation and revision, agricultural technology guidance and agricultural technology training, providing technical support for the establishment of agricultural comprehensive standardization demonstration; Governments at all levels have sufficient funds and strong policy support, forming a diversified investment mechanism for agricultural standardization, which provides financial guarantee for the establishment of the demonstration city

clear objectives and sound system are a major feature of Sanmenxia to create a demonstration city. The municipal government takes improving the quality of characteristic products, improving brand efficiency and increasing farmers' income as the overall goal of creating a demonstration city. Around eight characteristic industries such as fruit, animal husbandry, tobacco leaf and edible fungi, 268 standards and specifications have been formulated and issued, and a standard complex has been basically established. Eight national demonstration areas, four provincial agricultural standardization demonstration counties and 47 provincial demonstration areas have been built, There are 36 municipal demonstration areas and 18 agricultural standardization demonstration townships (towns), forming a five level agricultural standardization demonstration and promotion and service system at the city, county, township, village and household levels, ensuring the smooth development of the establishment of the demonstration city

the current development of mechanical equipment in fruit juice beverage production line:

first, high speed, high quality, high precision, and large-scale development. In order to meet the needs of large-scale production of the beverage industry and obtain the best economic benefits, beverage equipment tends to be larger and larger. For example, the filling speed of carbonated beverage filling equipment can reach up to 2000 cans/min. the number of filling valve heads of German H & K company, Sen company and kro-nes company has reached 165, 144 and 178 respectively. There are several filling valve heads of non carbonated beverage equipment, and the filling speed can be up to 1500 cans/min

II. The equipment is multifunctional and versatile, which is suitable for the filling and sealing of a variety of liquids and bottle types. It can be used for hot filling of tea drinks, coffee drinks, soymilk drinks, fruit juice drinks and other beverages, as well as filling of glass bottles and polyester bottles.

Third, the electromechanical integration of beverage machinery is the most important trend in the development of beverage machinery and equipment at present. Programmable controller is widely used in the control system of beverage machinery equipment. Large equipment is controlled by computer, fault self diagnosis, signal display, and intellectualization is realized. The production equipment has high technical content and reliability, and the automatic control level and efficiency of the whole production line are high. The detection device and the metering device are complete, which can automatically detect various parameters and measure accurately. High tech products integrating machinery, electricity, gas, light and magnetism are constantly emerging. The reliability of beverage packaging equipment and the coordination of packaging line directly affect the working efficiency, production cost and product quality of the whole production line

the mobile NFC fruit juice processing plant has passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements in Shaanxi Province (y0081) and the identification of agricultural machinery promotion in Shaanxi Province (Shaanxi). Through the promotion and application in recent years, many customers have reported that it has the following functions and characteristics:

it has its own system and full functions: the whole machine includes cleaning, conveying, juicing, filtration, enzyme killing, pasteurization, high-temperature instantaneous sterilization, sterile filling, electronic metering, electric control device Heating system and boiler. The requirements of enzyme inactivation, sterilization and aseptic filling of fresh fruits and vegetables processed into NFC juice near the origin are realized

the compact and movable overall structure adopts the low ground clearance module combined back hanging structure, which is composed of five sub chassis and its devices. Each sub chassis has a walking device, which can be installed on the car for long-distance transportation with a manual forklift, and the traction and movement are very convenient. In the transfer state 9 2.2 2.4 (meters); In the working state, it is 104.28 (meters), and the structural weight is 4 5T, with an installed capacity of 28kw

the processing quality of the origin is good and the cost is low. Due to the purchase of fresh fruits near the origin, the fruit juice has good quality and high juice yield. In addition, the cost of packaging, transit, storage, long-distance transportation and the damage and mildew loss of the original fruits during transit are eliminated, which greatly reduces the production cost. The processed NFC fruit juice is a green product without preservatives and can be exported for foreign exchange

benign cycle industrial chain because NFC fruit juice is purchased and processed near the origin of fruits and vegetables, fruit residue fermentation can be used as feed, and fruit washing water can be used to irrigate farmland without acid or alkali, which is conducive to the benign cycle and development of agricultural ecology

this production line can be configured with different pretreatment equipment according to the different needs of users, which can process different NFC fruit juices such as nuts, stone nuts and berries. In April, it can process cherries, in May, it can process strawberries and mulberries, in June, it can process fresh apricots and tomatoes to achieve green development, in July, it can process medlar, in August, it can process grapes and raspberries, in September, it can process blueberries and Schisandra chinensis, in October, it can process pomegranate, and in November, it can process Seabuckthorn. The annual effective working days are more than 200 days. If properly organized, the cost can be recovered in that year

since the equipment was put on the market, it has been praised and favored by farmers' friends and customers. It is believed that with the in-depth promotion of Chinese mobile NFC juice processing plant, it will greatly promote the production of fresh fruits and vegetables and the industrialization of NFC juice in China

supported by policies, fresh orange planting and primary processing have developed rapidly: China is the world's largest citrus producer and the fourth largest producer of fresh orange gb/t 5267.2 ⑵ 002 fasteners non electrolytic zinc sheet coating, and more than 95% of the oranges produced are used for fresh food. In recent years, the state has repeatedly issued relevant policies to support the development of citrus planting and concentrated fruit juice processing industry, which has brought benefits to the development of upstream planting and primary processing enterprises in the industry

concentrated orange juice mainly depends on imports, and the domestic demand gap is large: at present, more than 75% of China's concentrated orange juice depends on imports. Therefore, given that China has sufficient orange sources and market demand, the concentrated orange juice processing industry has great potential for development in the future

the processing industry of concentrated apple juice has entered a business cycle: China's output of concentrated apple juice accounts for more than half of the world's total output, 95% of which is exported to Europe and North America. With the gradual economic recovery of European and American countries, the demand for apple juice began to rise steadily from the second half of 2010, and the price also recovered to the high level in 2008. It is expected that the whole industry will enter the boom cycle of

low concentration fruit juice dominates the market: at present, 80% of the market share of China's fruit juice drinks is occupied by low concentration fruit juice, of which four of the top five fruit juice producers with market share are engaged in the production of diluted fruit juice. Affected by consumer preferences and other factors, low concentration fruit juice will still dominate the market in the next few years. However, in the long run, the development of healthy and nutritious high concentration fruit juice is still worth looking forward to

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