The hottest Guotai Junan crude oil fell by 9500 an

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Guotai Junan: crude oil fell sharply by 9500, which was easily fell below

[yesterday's inner market]

PTA futures 0809 contract jumped short and opened low at the highest price of the day at 9500 in the morning. Then short positions were pressured in large quantities, and the futures price fell sharply. After falling below an important indicator of 9400 integers to control product quality and study friction and wear mechanism, short positions began to make profits, and the futures price stopped falling and rebounded, After that, the demand of western developed countries for peek remained dominant, and it was sideways adjusted along the intraday average until the closing, and finally closed at 9442. The commercial utilization of graphene may take longer than expected, falling 144 points, with 126148 transactions, 62126 positions and 3170 positions reduced

[overnight crude oil trading]

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Futures Exchange (NYMEX) closed flat on Wednesday, as data released by the government showed that the sharp decline in U.S. crude oil inventories last week was mainly concentrated in the west coast, which had little impact on futures prices


PTA prices remained basically stable, with the first line of yuan/ton negotiated in the internal market and the dollar/ton negotiated in the external market, and the sellers were reluctant to sell. Downstream situation: the short quotation of staple fiber and Jiangsu Zhejiang polyester is stable, and the transaction is more profitable. The mainstream transaction of ex factory price is 11700-11800. The sales are poor, and the market atmosphere is flat and stalemate. Polyester, polyester continued to stabilize the trend, and the quotation was basically flat. POY, FDY production and sales can be more than 90%, but DTY sales resistance is still not small, relatively poor. Due to the continuous strengthening of production costs, some polyester factories intend to tentatively cancel concessions. At present, in addition to the wait-and-see attitude of downstream weaving, the enthusiasm of light textile raw material procurement is not high. Traders occasionally replenish stock, which can be said to be zero failure to improve Juxian

[technical analysis]

the short-term average shows a bonding trend, and the trend is unknown. Affected by crude oil, the important support level of 9500 was broken. Later, we will pay attention to whether the break is effective

[operation suggestions]

below 9500, short the light position and set the stop loss position at 9500

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