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Guolian Futures: soaring crude oil, cautious consolidation of Shanghai oil

overview of the external market: the continued depreciation of the US dollar and rising inflation expectations, coupled with the tense relationship between supply and demand in the international crude oil market, continue to drive the oil price to a new high on the day. This week, the oil price reached a high of US $118.98, and the market mechanism is full of calls for the peak of US $130. The EIA announced this week that as of the week of April 11, U.S. crude oil inventories decreased by 2.3 million barrels, which can be used to compare different plastics to 313.7 million barrels, gasoline inventories decreased by 5.5 million barrels to 215.8 million barrels, and distillate oil inventories increased by 100000 barrels to 106.1 million barrels The utilization rate of refinery capacity decreased by 1.6 percentage points to 81.4%, the lowest since October 2005. However, the crude oil finally made a technical micro disk in the eyeful of good in the surge without breathing

brief description of internal market: Although Meiyou has repeatedly set new highs, Shanghai fuel oil has maintained an absolute cautious attitude. Considering that the higher the crude oil is, the greater the possibility of callback at any time. 2. The higher the horizontal installation ability of the experimental machine, Shanghai oil has an upward process, but it has always been suppressed by short sellers, and the new short positions have been actively reduced recently. From the technical point of view, there is support at the 10 day moving average input of Shanghai 807 fuel oil 3-way AB phase photoelectric encoder, and the daily line combination shows signs of top deviation, with the possibility of callback, but the medium-term support line of the 120 day moving average rises well

operation suggestions: crude oil has hit new highs repeatedly, and is under pressure of technical correction at any time. Shanghai fuel oil is cautiously volatile, and the selling pressure is obvious. Investors can appropriately short short positions, pay attention to stop losses, and refer to whether US oil can stand firm at $120

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