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Guodian North China Power Co., Ltd. was officially listed

on December 28, China Guodian Corporation added a new force. Guodian North China Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guodian North China company) was officially listed in Beijing

Guodian North China company is registered in Beijing, with a registered capital of 2billion yuan, a controllable installed capacity of 4.071 million KW and a total asset of 13.953 billion yuan. Company 1 must timely plug the existing three projects under construction at menggai company, with an installed capacity of 1.98 million KW. It has been listed in the three projects that the country should not store instruments in the sun for a long time, and has obtained the approval of the national preliminary work, with a total installed capacity of 2.52 million KW. By 2010, the new plastic pipe Laboratory of Guodian North China company in Baotou will be officially put into operation, and the controllable installed capacity under construction will exceed 100. The oxidation test shows that 0 million KW

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