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Guotai Junan: introduce and cultivate more than 10 high-level research institutes (institutes) and other scientific and technological innovation carriers, Shanghai rubber rolling short

[yesterday's inner market]

yesterday's rubber (22470, -785.00, -3.38%, bar) 0811 contract opened at 23300 yuan, with a maximum of 23515 yuan and a minimum of 23100 yuan, closing at 23160 yuan, down 115 yuan, trading volume 434188 hands, increased positions 1232 hands to 80970 hands; The rubber 0809 contract opened at 26200 yuan, with a maximum of 26640 yuan and a minimum of 26080 yuan. It closed at 26465 yuan, up 255 yuan. The trading volume was 54208 hands, and the position was increased by 286 hands to 57388 hands. Imported low-cost resource-based and energy based commodities

[overnight trading]

1. The NYMEX crude oil index fell $4.14 to close at $115.67

2. Yesterday, the Japanese rubber index fell 2.80 yen to 313.76 yen


1. The spot rubber price in Asia fell further on Friday, and the market trading was extremely light. Consumers left the market to wait and see. Because hydraulic oil with low viscosity should be used in winter, the price is expected to fall further in the next few trading days

2. Last week, the inventory of Shanghai Stock Exchange increased by 6860 tons to 34575 tons

[technical analysis]

the main 0811 contract price is still running on the off track of Bulin channel, and the decline channel is clear. It can continue to open up when it rebounds near the middle track

[operation suggestions]

operationally, 0811 contracts and even further contracts are still dominated by high selling, low and flat rolling short. Short orders continue to be held, breaking the previous low and adding short, and continue to choose the opportunity to short

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