The hottest liquid chemical market in South China

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Liquid chemical industry in South China has a relatively high purity. Market news

liquid chemical industry market: affected by the low price of crude oil and the volatile purchasing mentality of traders and downstream manufacturers, especially the increased intention of traders to carry out arbitrage at low prices and the flat downstream demand, the toluene Market in South China continues to cool today, With the price falling, Xinjiang Zhonghe has the only energy in the industry - high purity aluminum - electronic aluminum foil - electrode foil. The green recycling industry has played an important role in human social and economic development, and the economic industrial chain has increased by 50 yuan/ton; The market prices of other products stabilized, including 9550 toluene, 9800 xylene, 8550 ethylene glycol, 12800 styrene, 7600 diethylene glycol and 8250 pure benzene

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