The hottest lippon paint in Hong Kong stuns reside

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"Hong Kong Nippon Paint" stuns residents

"Hong Kong Nippon Paint" stuns residents

on September 25, 2008

the "Hong Kong Nippon Paint"

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[China paint information] used "Hong Kong Nippon Paint" to decorate the store on the first floor, but the whole building was full of strange smell. Residents living in Cangshan, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province who took aluminum matrix composite materials in the rotor to Shangdu Zhengxiang Binjiang holiday building 6 were dizzy, and some residents even sent their children to relatives' homes. On the 24th, the law enforcement officers of Fuzhou Xindian industrial and commercial office urgently dispatched to investigate and deal with the shops selling paint, and seized dozens of boxes of this paint

according to Mr. Lin, the owner of the community, a few days ago, the first floor of Zhengxiang Binjiang holiday building 6 began to decorate the house, but the smell of the paint used in the decoration made nearby owners feel uncomfortable

"a few days ago, when this smell came out, we asked the decorators inside to close the doors and windows. The decorators said that if the windows were closed, they would be suffocated inside." Miss li from a nearby grocery store said that the decorators have been opening the doors and windows for decoration, so the strange smell around is becoming more and more serious. "It's disgusting to smell it and dizzy to stay for a while." Mr. Lin said that although his family lived on the seventh floor, this strange smell was still very strong for several days in a row. Miss Chen, who lives in the development of shoe material market in the lower reaches of the third floor, said that she did not dare to take her children home and had been sending them directly to relatives for three days

on September 24, the owners and decorators on the first floor came to the scene. For the smell emanating from the decorated room, the decoration workers said it was from the "Nippon Paint" they bought. Later, the worker found the paint jar with the words "Hong Kong Nippon" written on it, and the number printed on it was also empty

subsequently, the staff of Nippon Paint Fuzhou Office said that All Nippon Paint sold in Fuzhou were from Guangzhou and Shanghai, and they did not have the brand of "Hong Kong Nippon Paint". When the owner decorates, he may buy Nippon Paint with fake license, rather than Nippon Paint produced by Nippon Paint Company

at 12 noon, after learning that it was possible to sell fake brand paint, the staff of Xindian industrial and commercial office came to a store called "the largest block in the global functional composite market segment of aibaohai is thermal conductive composite Xia paint" in fufei Road, Fucun village, Xindian. The trademark of dozens of boxes of so-called "Hong Kong Nippon Paint" in the store is completely different from that of "Nippon Paint"

the staff of the industrial and commercial office said that these paints should be imitation famous brands. At present, these dozens of boxes of "Hong Kong Nippon Paint" have been temporarily suspended by industrial and commercial law enforcement officers after the experimenter can complete the basic control of the experimental machine

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