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Linxi bearing industry starts the construction of "smart factory" to transform and upgrade to medium and high-end

recently, the special bearing project for high-speed rail jointly developed by Hebei Sanqiao bearing company and Tsinghua University has entered the substantive sample test stage. It is reported that this heavy-duty bearing used for high-speed trains and freight cars can increase the load of a single car by 80 to 100 tons, and has long service life and strong stability. It can completely replace imports, and has a broad market prospect

in order to cooperate with the launch of the production project of special bearings for high-speed rail, Sanqiao bearing company launched the construction of "smart factory" at the beginning of this year. At present, 46 i5 series intelligent machine tools equipped with i5 intelligent control system introduced by the company are being installed and debugged. Li Zhao, the person in charge of the company, said that putting into use the i5 intelligent machine tool with the world's leading technology level, which has the phenomenon of paint falling off the metal surface of the hydraulic forming machine, is only the first step in the construction project of the enterprise's "intelligent factory". According to the plan, they will highly integrate the cutting-edge German "industry 4.0" application technology and build 15 360 degree six axis articulated robot full-automatic production lines to realize the integrated management of bearing production and the networking application of machine tools and equipment

it is reported that in recent years, while the bearing industry in Linxi County has accelerated the transformation and upgrading to the medium and high-end, restricted by the digitalization and intelligence level of enterprise production, the accuracy and grade of bearing products are low, and the enterprise profit only exceeds 7%. In order to solve the bottleneck of the development of bearing industry, Linxi County actively guides and supports enterprises to build a "smart factory" with "interconnection + manufacturing" as the main symbol, and promotes the bearing industry to move forward to the field of high-end bearing manufacturing and core technology

guoxirong, deputy director of Linxi County Development and Reform Bureau, introduced that the production mode of bearing "smart factory" is to use Internet technology to combine and link the production equipment with i5 smart machine tool as the main body, so as to realize the informatization of technology control, manufacturing and process management. Production can be uninterrupted all day, and the quality of the same batch of products is the same. Guo Xirong said that the implementation of the bearing "smart factory" production mode will increase the output by more than 2 times, reduce the inspection cost by about 60%, and achieve the accuracy of domestic and even international first-class products, thereby increasing the product profit by more than 2 times

in January this year, Linxi County signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenyang Machine Tool Group, which pioneered the i5 intelligent control system and intelligent machine tools in the world. The machine tool group provided personnel and technical support to assist Linxi County bearing enterprises in formulating scientific construction plans, optimizing process flow and workshop layout, and establishing "intelligent factories". Linxi County has included the construction of "smart factory" in the annual key work, and set up a special group to focus on it. Relevant preferential policies such as "zero land occupation technical transformation" and "ten awards for technical innovation due to different structure and appearance of various samples" have been issued to support the technical transformation of large-scale bearing enterprises. The county finance department has set up an annual special support fund of 5million yuan for enterprises. For enterprises that invest more than 10 million yuan in updating and upgrading production equipment at one time, equipment purchase subsidies will be given. At the same time, the resource platform of the county bearing technical school and Hebei Bearing Research Institute will be used to build a demonstration base for scientific and technological research and intelligent manufacturing, so as to provide diversified development support for bearing enterprises, such as products, processes, equipment, talents, etc

at present, more than ten large-scale bearing enterprises in Linxi County have completed the construction plan of "smart factory". Among them, Chengwei, Sanqiao and tems have introduced more than 200 i5 intelligent machine tools. In addition, the Feilong bearing intelligent fully sealed dust-free workshop is under construction, with new grinding, overloading and installation. At the same time, the state continues to support 9 automatic intelligent production lines such as matching and testing in terms of policy, and 100 sets of various production and testing equipment; The principle of Rockwell hardness test in the "intelligent workshop" of many bearing enterprises such as yitec, Baoxin, Yuliang, etc. is shown in the figure, and the design layout of the workshop is under construction and improvement. According to the plan, by the end of the 13th five year plan, all 27 large-scale bearing enterprises in Linxi County will build intelligent chemical plants. It is expected that the sales revenue of the bearing industry will increase at an annual rate of 7%, and will exceed 20billion yuan, laying a solid foundation for achieving the development goal of the largest bearing production and sales base in North China

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