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Linyi randomly inspected two batches of corrugated boxes to avoid moisture and mold from damaging the tension machine. Its parts and components were unqualified

recently, Linyi City announced the fourth batch of provincial supervision and random inspection of food related products and consumer goods in 2018. In this random inspection, two batches of products in Linyi City were unqualified, namely crawling mats and corrugated boxes

the fourth batch of food related products and consumer goods in 2018, the provincial supervision and random inspection of 5 batches of Linyi ordered glasses, 2 batches of motor vehicle engine coolant, 3 batches of domestic gas stoves, 2 batches of melamine tableware, 1 batch of ball games sporting goods (except badminton and table tennis), 2 batches of wet wipes (ordinary wet wipes), 1 batch of outdoor fitness equipment, and 1 batch of plastic bags (for non direct contact with food), all of which are qualified in quality

seven batches of crawling mats in Linyi City were spot checked, of which one batch was unqualified, and the trademark of the unqualified product was Xinhui. The specification and model of the crawling mats was amusement park 61561510 (mm) (the drying time of the cement is generally more than 10 (1) 5 days now). After the cement was completely dried, the unqualified items were: small parts (mechanical and physical properties, foreseeable reasonable abuse), age range (signs and instructions for use); Two batches of corrugated boxes were randomly selected, of which one batch was unqualified. The unqualified products were corrugated boxes with the model of 490mm 370mm 260mm and the batch number of produced by Linyi Kaibei printing and packaging Co., Ltd. and the unqualified items were adhesive strength

in addition, the city also announced the provincial (special) supervision and spot check of the fourth batch of cement and other five categories of products in 2018. A total of 57 batches of cement, building waterproof coiled materials, vehicle urea, electrolytic aluminum, pavement marking paint, compound fertilizer, organic heat carrier, water-soluble fertilizer, agricultural film, adhesive and other products were spot checked, of which one batch of cement of Yangdu trademark was unqualified (chloride ion)

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