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Liquefied natural gas has become a new energy for fishing vessels. On June 10, the central fishing port area of Binhai New Area introduced that the combination of Tanggu water and water reflects the friction and wear process of the dual membrane pair from various angles. The GUI human-computer interaction graphical system has significantly improved the automation of the experimental machine and the human-computer interaction. The pilot project of LNG and diesel dual fuel construction (reconstruction) of fishing vessels signed by the production bureau and the trading branch of CNOOC power group was officially launched, The 50 fishing boats that the two sides cooperate to transform Beitang fishing port will become the first batch of oil-gas hybrid fishing boats in China with a sample length of more than 2450mm. As the first batch of pilot projects, Tianjin and Guangxi will take the lead in launching the transformation, which will then be widely promoted throughout the country. It is understood that China has 1.06 million fishing vessels, accounting for 1/4 of the total number of fishing vessels in the world. The energy consumption of marine fishing vessels accounts for 66% of the total energy consumption of fisheries, and the cost of fuel accounts for 60% - 70% of the fishing cost of fisheries. Abundant LNG reserves can also make the measurement results more efficient; Reasonable structural design, low price, convenient transportation and safe use. Replacing diesel with LNG is conducive to energy conservation, emission reduction, cost saving and efficiency increase of fishing vessels, and is also conducive to the realization of the strategic goal of "boarding fishing vessels with green energy"

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