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On September 26, in order to celebrate the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival, John poedsta, an adviser to President Barack Obama of the United States, Gina McCarthy, the administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Ernest Moniz, the Secretary of the United States Department of energy, and Todd, the special envoy of the United States on climate change, jointly announced that the lion paint industry had held the first "Red Lion fraternity" with a variety of mature technologies, We sincerely invite the elders of red lion to gather at the "mother's home" to celebrate the festival

this fellowship activity is unprecedented in both specification and scale. Red lion's successive chief engineer, secretary and factory director were invited to visit. Ma Qinglin, Zhu Chuanzhen, Duan Zhimei, Hu Hanfeng, Yang Huan, Huang Zhixiang, Liang Zengtian and other paint leaders, as well as senior leaders such as Gao Jincheng, Tao maokang and sun Lianying, gathered together and returned to Red Lion and the "mother's home" for which they devoted their whole lives. When old friends meet, they are as happy as children, unrestrained, chatting and laughing

the first activity of the fellowship is to visit the Red Lion factory. Looking at the modern R & D and production equipment in front of him, Zhu recalled his experience of mixing paint with oars more than 50 years ago, laughing and waving gb/t 3098.14 ⑵ 000 fastener mechanical properties nut reaming experiment, and sighing. At the beginning of the meeting, huangyulin, the current deputy general manager, delivered a speech. The manager who has worked in Red Lion for 26 years reported his excitement and emotion like a child in front of his elders. Next, Mr. guoxiangen, the chairman of the board, delivered a keynote speech, thanking the elder Red Lion for his care, support, inherited material foundation and spiritual wealth from three levels, and unswervingly said: we must revitalize the Red Lion brand

predecessors may recall the past, tell the history of the Red Lion, and bring everyone back to the struggling yesterday; Or plan the future of the red lion with your heart and soul, so that everyone can look forward to the future of swaying and spreading their wings; More predecessors have shown their own experience, making their own mistakes the same as the previous car, reminding future generations to avoid repeating the same mistakes. The Red Lion hearts that jumped one by one touched everyone present. Gao Jincheng, the former general manager of Red Lion, said, "in the past, the white lines on the roads in Beijing were painted by red lion, but now they are not; the railings on both sides of the road are painted by red lion, and now they are not. We have lost some opportunities, making it difficult for red lion to move from a well-off enterprise." The old secretary encouraged future generations with Chairman Mao's Poems: "all the past, count the celebrities, and look at the present!"

Liang Zengtian, the former senior engineer of Red Lion, is a calligrapher. He inscribed eight characters "the future of Red Lion brand is bright" for Red Lion book, and donated all the large boxes of paint books and periodicals accumulated over the years to Red Lion R & D reference room. He said, "if it weren't for Duan Zhimei's reminder, I almost sold waste paper. We are all at this age. If you still have information on hand, please give it to the Red Lion newcomer who needs them most.". Many old engineers said on the spot that they were willing to contribute to the training of new people for red lion

in the face of the enthusiastic suggestions of predecessors, the chairman immediately arranged follow-up matters. He said: "due to various reasons, the national brand" Red Lion "that haunts everyone has been in a low state of weakness in recent years. However, from the sales volume in the off-season last month, we have reason to believe that the most difficult period has passed. We Red Lion people get together, proud, painful, worried, mixed feelings. I believe that with the help and care of our predecessors and our efforts and struggles, red lion will return to the top 500 in the near future! "

in the discussion, the most commonly used language is "Phoenix Nirvana, rebirth". Our common wish is to take advantage of the opportunity of Fusite capital injection to return to the fast lane of the coating industry. More than a hundred years ago, the Chinese nation was compared to a "sleeping lion". Now, with the rise of the Republic, the red lion wakes up, full of confidence and dignity, with good luck and harmony to the world

wine in the glass, tears in the eyes, endless words, endless treasures, everyone hopes to wait for the next fraternity in the use of the pressure testing machine

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