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Linx company's new red emitting UV fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink came out

recently, Linx printing technology company successfully developed a new Linx clear safety ink 3160, expanding the scope of its UV fluorescent ink

this new ink is mainly developed to be used in some intelligent barcode applications, such as anti-counterfeiting and internal tracking. It is suitable for the printing of cigarette, wine, medicine, software, audio-visual products and other packaging, and can be used for the printing of barcode on plastic, paper, gold and glass

according to Linx, unlike other UV fluorescent inks on the market, l is glad that INX clear safety ink 3160 can, but this kind of test method has inherent shortcomings. Under UV irradiation, it emits unique red fluorescence instead of traditional blue or purple fluorescence, which makes imitation quite difficult

in addition, Linx clear safety ink 3160 does not contain butanone, so there is no need to worry about product contamination. The ink basically has no smell, which increases the use advantage of the ink. The noise limit at the boundary of construction site and its measurement method GB 12523~24 ⑼ 0

Kate Rattigan is the head of Linx ink production, He said, "counterfeiters have been able to copy bar codes printed with blue and purple UV ink. Linx clear safety ink 3160 uses a red colorant, which is difficult to copy. Another advantage of using this ink is that packaging manufacturers can add smart codes to their products to ensure that they are not confused with other codes. For example, a glass bottle manufacturer can add smart codes, which are different from beverage manufacturers or fillers." Distinguish

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