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Network marketing and traditional marketing

network marketing is a consumer oriented and personalized marketing method

the biggest feature of network marketing is that it is dominated by consumers. Consumers will have greater freedom of choice than in the past. They can find satisfying products worldwide according to their own personality and needs, without geographical restrictions. By entering interested enterprises, this ideal will be passed down to the site or virtual store, where consumers can obtain more relevant information about products and make shopping more personalized

the development of this kind of personalized consumption will urge enterprises to reconsider their marketing strategy and take the personalized needs of consumers as the starting point of providing products and services. However, to truly realize personalized marketing, we must also solve the problem of huge promotion costs. The emergence of network marketing provides a feasible solution to this problem. All kinds of sales information of enterprises will exist in digital form on the network, which can be sent at a very low cost and can be modified at any time according to needs, so huge promotion costs can be saved. Enterprises can also provide special services through automatic service system according to the information fed back by consumers, sometimes called international rubber hardness. Network marketing has strong interaction and is an ideal tool to realize whole process marketing.

traditional marketing management emphasizes 4P (product, price, channel and promotion) combination, while modern marketing management pursues 4C (customer, cost, convenience and communication). However, no matter which concept, it must be based on such a premise: enterprises must implement whole process marketing, That is, the needs and wishes of consumers must be fully considered from the beginning of the design stage of the product

unfortunately, this is often difficult to do in practice. The reason lies in the area between consumers and accounting; The following formula can be used to calculate the section shortening rate of low carbon steel. There is a lack of appropriate communication channels between enterprises or the communication cost is too high. Generally, consumers can only make suggestions or criticisms for existing products, and it is difficult to get involved in products that are still in the conceptual stage. In addition, most small and medium-sized enterprises also lack sufficient capital to understand the potential needs of consumers. They can only develop products based on their own capabilities or with reference to the strategies of market leaders. In the network environment, this situation will change. Even small and medium-sized enterprises can conduct instant information search for consumers in the whole process of marketing at a very low cost through electronic bulletin boards, online discussion squares, e-mails and other means, and consumers have the opportunity to express their opinions on a series of issues from product design to pricing (especially important for enterprises adopting the understanding value pricing method) and services. This two-way interactive communication method improves the participation and enthusiasm of consumers. More importantly, it can make the decision-making of enterprises targeted and fundamentally improve consumer satisfaction. Network marketing can meet consumers' needs for shopping convenience and improve consumers' shopping efficiency

the modern pace of life has made consumers spend less and less time going out to shop. In the traditional way of shopping, from the perspective of commodity trading process, it generally needs to go through a series of processes, such as looking at samples, selecting commodities, determining the commodities to be purchased, payment and settlement, packaging commodities, picking up (or delivering) and so on. Most of this buying and selling process is completed at the place of sale, ranging from a few minutes to several hours. In addition to the travel time to the shopping place for purchasing goods, the return time after purchasing and the stay time at the place of purchase, it undoubtedly greatly prolongs the buying and selling process of goods, and makes consumers pay a lot of time and energy for purchasing goods. At the same time, the crowded traffic and the expanding storefront have prolonged the time and energy spent by consumers in shopping. However, in modern society, with the acceleration of the pace of life, people cherish leisure time more and more, and hope to engage in some physical and mental activities in leisure time, and fully enjoy life. In this case, people spend less and less time going out shopping

network marketing describes an attractive scene for us. The process of shopping is no longer a heavy burden, and sometimes it is also a kind of leisure and entertainment. Let's take a look at how network marketing simplifies the purchase process

pre sales: provide consumers with rich product information and related materials (such as quality certification, expert evaluation, etc.), and the interface is friendly and clear, easy to operate and implement. Consumers can make a purchase decision after comparing the performance price ratio of various similar products. On sale: you don't need to drive to shopping malls that may improve the efficiency and range of fuel. You don't need to queue up and wait patiently when making payment. Finally, you don't need to negotiate with mall staff to contact for delivery. Everything is so simple and fast in the world. Sitting at home, you can visit virtual stores, settle accounts with electronic money, and so on, saving a lot of trouble

after sales: for problems found during use, you can contact the manufacturer at any time to get timely technical support and services from the seller

in a word, network marketing can simplify the shopping process, save consumers' time and energy, and minimize the trouble in the purchase process. Network marketing can meet the needs of price conscious consumers

network marketing can save huge promotion and circulation costs for enterprises, making it possible to reduce product costs and prices. On the other hand, consumers can find the most favorable price in the world, and even bypass middlemen to order directly from producers, so they can buy at a lower price

consumers urgently need new fast and convenient shopping methods and services to meet their own needs to the greatest extent. This change in consumer values calls for the emergence of network marketing, which also meets the needs of consumers to a certain extent. Through shopping, consumers can "sit at home behind closed doors, and the goods come up"

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