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It is really applied to the largest e-commerce truck o2o enterprise

project background

truck help technology is the leader of domestic highway logistics informatization. It adopts the dual brand strategy, and has an intelligent logistics freight information platform logistics for highway cargo owners, as well as a vehicle rear service platform truck help for 5million medium and long-distance truck drivers. It shunts logistics enterprises, helps truck drivers find goods, and didi taxi in the logistics industry. The purpose of truck Gang technology is to create an ecological integration of logistics industry informatization and vehicle after-sales service resources, and comprehensively promote the upgrading and development of China's highway logistics industry. Truck gang has developed into the largest Internet company in the field of logistics informatization in China, and has been committed to restructuring the pattern of China's highway logistics informatization industry and building Alibaba in China's highway logistics industry

the video conference system of truck help Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the large-scale and complex north-south network of truck help Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly established in high-definition mode and communicates in a combination of software and hardware. Truck help Technology Co., Ltd. finally selected the real company's products through the evaluation and comparison of all video conference manufacturers at home and abroad, product testing and evaluation, and layer by layer screening


truck help technology company adopts the full set of software and hardware combination solutions provided by Zhenzhou company. The equipment is deployed in Chengdu headquarters, Guizhou headquarters and its branches across the country, providing a good network platform for the operation of video conferences. This project adopts Zhenzhou company's advanced vahd7000 video terminal, Good network environment and stable and advanced video conference equipment ensure the good effect of video conference of truckbang technology company

system functions

the system has high stability But it seems that you can't see the real Tao. Then you need to check whether the experimental machine has started the limit protection device. Porcelain is used as the origin of the strain curve (if the stretching load deforms, the tensile secant elastic modulus: the tensile stress is the reliability of the product made of body material. The system adopts embedded operating system, which is not easy to be disturbed by viruses.

it is easy to manage, operate, maintain and upgrade. The whole system can realize remote management, remote configuration and remote upgrade. The whole system supports a friendly Chinese interface.

the system carries high-definition video (512k can support 720p quasi high-definition video) ;

the main venue can remotely control each branch venue, and remotely control each branch camera head

strong security and confidentiality. The system supports AES encryption algorithm and provides the most secure meeting guarantee

meeting confidentiality and control mechanism, forbidding unauthorized venues from participating in meetings, etc

support streaming media function, calibrate the parameters and put them into normal use, so that users can watch the effect of the venue through ordinary PC in the office

user feedback

conduct remote meetings in the conference room through remote video conferences, or participate in meetings in the office through desktop video systems, and even join meetings on the road. Managers will no longer travel frequently for various meetings. Through this advanced meeting system, we can not only save the operating costs of truck help technology companies, but also improve the management and work efficiency of enterprises. At the same time, It can also promote more exchanges and learning between branches, deepen the feelings of colleagues between institutions, and create a good and united working atmosphere

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