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Neuhub AI platform won the "best business growth Award" of Lei Feng ai+ platform

from July 12 to 14, 2019, the global AI and robotics Summit (CCF gair) was officially held in Shenzhen. With its rapid development in technology breakthroughs, landing applications, ecological construction and other aspects, neuhub AI open platform won the "best business growth" award in the AI + application platform field of the global artificial intelligence and robotics Summit (CCF gair), and worked with Baidu, Shangtang, iqiyi and other award-winning enterprises to help the vigorous development of China's artificial intelligence

as the top exchange Expo event in the three major fields of domestic AI and robotics academia, industry and investment innovation, the global AI and robotics Summit (CCF gair), hosted by the Chinese Computer Society (CCF) and hosted by Lei Feng and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), aims to build a powerful cross-border exchange and cooperation platform in the field of domestic AI. The summit invited many academicians and researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of engineering, the Canadian Academy of engineering, the Royal College of England, the French Academy of Sciences, as well as many professors and scholars from the University of Chicago, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of technology and other top institutions at home and abroad; In terms of enterprises, the summit invited technology giants such as, Microsoft, Intel, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei and Xiaomi, as well as Unicorn enterprises such as Shangtang, Kuangshi, horizon and iFLYTEK

this time, neuhub AI open platform won the "best commercial growth" award in the field of application platform for its excellent innovation, security, stability, ease of use and practicality. Neuhub AI open platform will open a number of capabilities to upstream and downstream partners and continue to update, widely and deeply promoting the intelligent upgrading of retail and other industries

neuhub AI open platform, which was born based on retail scenarios, has experienced many "big tests"

neuhub AI open platform was officially released in April 2018. As an important part of's technical layout, neuhub AI open platform is based on cutting-edge AI capabilities, combined with's rich scenario data, to attract excellent AI industry chain partners, Jointly build an AI open platform for multi-dimensional market

recently, in order to meet the 2019 618 global Mid Year Shopping Festival, neuhub AI open platform has been newly upgraded. The upgraded neuhub AI open platform includes innovative applications, application platforms, development platforms, platform ecology and other multi-dimensional capabilities, services and applications. Neuhub AI open platform, with multi-dimensional capabilities and services, faces the needs of different fields and different levels of AI capabilities, provides one-stop, full chain services from capabilities, tools, applications to products, and builds a development and trading platform around retail and retail infrastructure

during 618 in 2019, the cumulative call volume of neuhub AI open platform reached 23.766 billion; The service call of ecological partner is 11.7 times of the average daily call. In the content audit scenario, the call volume of neuhub AI open platform was 10 times that of the same period last year intelligent customer service provides 24-hour, 24-hour services, with a cumulative consultation volume of more than 32million times during the day; The peak reception volume reached 469000 times from 0:00 to 1:00 on the 18th, a record high. On June 18, when the environmental pollution of plastic granulator was also quite serious, intelligent customer service independently solved more than 1.3 million self-supporting consultations. Among them, the emotion analysis ability based on neuhub AI open platform accurately identifies users' emotions, provides more intimate help to consumers in intelligent services, and makes communication full of temperature

the import order amount of "photo shopping" on June 18 was 12 times that of 618 last year. The improvement of artificial intelligence technology has brought leapfrog upgrades to the accuracy and user experience of "photo shopping"

vice president of JD group Dr. Zhou Bowen, President of AI business department, said: "neuhub AI open platform is a platform that has grown up in the retail vertical scene, and its AI capability has been tempered. In the future, with the increase of industrial developers, we will continue to increase all kinds of AI capabilities, combine with the market and continue to iterate, so as to create an innovative, safe, stable, easy-to-use and practical AI open platform."

from vertical industry to infinite industry

JD AI is committed to building neuhub JD AI open platform into an open, shared and jointly built platform. At present, the platform includes development platforms, application platforms and innovative applications. It links the supply and demand sides of AI with platform level services, provides one-stop AI services and applications such as capabilities, tools, SaaS, and end-to-end integrated innovative products and solutions for different scenarios, and meets the needs of multi-dimensional AI with multi-level AI products and applications

low threshold development platform - the development platform of neuhub AI open platform is mainly based on the underlying computing power and data infrastructure layer, which is the ability support layer of the open platform. The development platform is based on the advanced AI basic algorithm research of AI business department, the polishing of group's rich retail, financial and logistics scenes and massive data, based on the independent innovation of core technology, and the ability to open six directions, including computer vision, natural language processing, voice and acoustics, knowledge atlas, intelligent dialogue and machine learning, in the form of api/sdk and development components, It is convenient for developers to integrate in the application out of the box. At the same time, open the automatic model development tool quick AI for non algorithm professionals and the semi-automatic model development tool Pai for Algorithm Engineers, combined with the data annotation platform, to provide developers with platform tools for rapid model generation, and improve the agility and efficiency of artificial intelligence algorithm application to the scene

the application deployment layer, an efficient, concise and controllable application platform, provides applications with AI capabilities and data capabilities such as computer vision, speech recognition, natural language understanding, and provides a reliable guarantee for the security and stability of applications through the support of automatic operation and maintenance deployment capabilities; At the operating system level, through the new interactive design language of intelligent OS desktop level, it provides users with a new friendly and convenient experience; In the platform application layer, through rich support, more than 100 rich AI intelligent applications are recommended for users, making the platform easy to use and practical to achieve an unprecedented ecological experience in the pan AI field. The application platform of neuhub AI open platform is committed to reducing the barriers between ordinary users and AI technology, transforming AI technology into truly applicable products, forming a two-way interactive closed loop of AI technology + market, and promoting the intelligent upgrading of various industries

constantly expanding innovative applications - based on computer vision, voice language technology, natural language understanding, machine learning and other advanced AI technologies, aiming at a specific application scenario and application direction, create a new multimodal interactive integration product. At present, there are 20 innovative applications in four categories: ai+ consumption, ai+ service, ai+ supply chain, ai+ city

diverse ecological partners - neuhub AI open platform has actively introduced ecological partners with an open and win-win mentality since its establishment to jointly realize the implementation of AI technology in various industries. For different types of partners, JD AI has released the AI ecological partner alchemy plan, which aims to connect AI entrepreneurial partners, local governments and brand enterprises, go deep into the scene, integrate products and join hands with ecological partners to achieve AI value. The alchemy plan includes service providing partners, channel cooperation partners and integrated innovation partners. JD AI provides all-channel brand catalysis, technology catalysis and business catalysis for the three types of partners, and works with partners to create AI with temperature. As of a few days ago, neuhub AI open platform ecosystem has absorbed more than 3. For these parameters, our technicians also introduced 00 excellent partners in detail, and cooperated deeply with more than 10 partners to build joint products

Dr. Zhou Bowen said, "Industry developers are those who understand both industry and AI. Industry developers come from all walks of life. They apply AI capabilities and combine their own industry pain points to trigger a chemical reaction in the ai+ industry and promote industry reduction. 3. Technological innovation focuses on laboratory and small-scale trials to improve efficiency and user experience. At the same time, the achievements and practices of industry developers in the process of industrial application can feed back AI. Industry developers are really pushing Driving force of social progress. "

the value of JD AI is to help more people become industrial developers. Through neuhub JD AI open platform, it can export AI products, services and solutions, add the ability of AI to the industry, support more 100 billion industry leaders, and provide a powerful engine for AI to help transform and upgrade all walks of life

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