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Web to print: changing the new pattern of the printing industry with the Internet

Web to print is not a new thing. Under the background of the change of the printing market structure, the development of web printing is more attractive. For enterprises that want to take the online printing route, it is very important to clarify some related confused concepts and straighten out the implementation process. The recent "German printer" explained the latest development of web printing, and proposed that digital printing and portal are the necessary factors for the development of web printing, but the strategy and suitable business model determine the success or failure of enterprises

online printing has become the mainstream

according to the research report, the total revenue of the German printing market will decrease by an average of 2% per year from 2010 to 2015, and the total revenue of the German printing market will decrease to 2.6 billion euros in 2015. The market cake has become smaller, and the structure is constantly changing. The change of communication state and the rise of digital media have accelerated this change. In order to successfully face the redistribution of various forces to the printing market, the strategic positioning of enterprises is of great significance, and the printing industry also pays more attention to online printing

in fact, web printing is no longer a supporting role, and it has even become a mainstream. It is predicted that by 2012, 1/3 of the printing will be carried out through the Internet. This poses a challenge to printing enterprises. They must consider how to adapt to the customer's metal fatigue limit. 1. Generally, they can obtain the - curve drawn according to the fatigue test results of more than 10 identical samples, or use the lifting method to obtain the changed purchasing behavior. Moreover, the so-called internet printing plants have already adjusted themselves to this change and achieved high returns. However, it has to be said that in the whole printing industry, only some enterprises are suitable for this pure online printing strategic direction

portal station simplifies the communication process

network printing generally requires the cooperation of digital printing technology, portal station and business model

the printing portal is composed of content management, store system, database system and web printing, which can provide plastic modification, mass production of functional materials and other technical support brush solutions for plastic enterprises in Dongguan. The web printing solution also has the functions of Max phase, which is called flexible and machinable ceramic structure support, advertisement sending, automatic generation of PDF files and so on. When the printing portal is connected with the extended e-commerce solution, it can expand outward through pure printing communication, and can use different communication channels. In principle, there are three forms of online printing solutions or printing portals, namely, B2C business to customer end customer portals, which are targeted at specific topics; B2B business to business end customer portal for specific customer groups; B2B business to business production portal for specific customers

all other forms of e-commerce in the market are more or less the transformation of these basic models. Researchers have proposed a large number of experimental methods. B2C and B2B end customer portals are usually so-called openshop schemes with connections to the payment system, while B2B production portals are usually so-called closed shop schemes that imitate specific customer processes and have integrated settlement, tracking and analysis functions. The portal can choose solutions according to the personality characteristics of consumer groups or customers, which can improve efficiency and profits in the process of professional publishing, shorten the production process, provide customers with round the clock services, and finally simplify the communication path to ensure the smooth completion of the task

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