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Trend network VOIP products help the U.S. presidential election ctiforum news on October 23 (Jia Er): voters across the United States will vote for the next president, and the canvassing activities of the presidential candidates of the two major parties have also entered a white hot stage. In addition to television debates, presidential candidates will also take various ways to win the support of voters. The communication between the election teams of both parties and voters in major states is an important part of canvassing activities, and also a great test of the communication system of the presidential election office

the communication system of the election offices of the two parties faces several major challenges, such as high traffic, diversification of communication methods, security and stability. Chenzhenfeng, the founder of wenyongheng cultural and creative park, said in an interview that it was certain to put forward higher requirements for navigation, security, confidentiality and XML innovative interaction. Faced with such complex communication needs, the two major rival parties of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have chosen grandstream VoIP terminals, which have adopted a large number of gxw series voice switches and GXP series high-definition IP respectively, and are deployed in the election offices of various states for instant communication work such as interviews, public opinion surveys, and ballot statistics

gxw series voice gateway is a series of high-density analog voice gateway based on SIP protocol. It has clear voice quality, rich functions, simple TR069 effective management and reliable tls/srtp security performance, and is highly compatible with all mainstream IPPBX and soft switch systems in the industry. Users can quickly deploy a set of low-cost, analog compatible VOIP voice communication based on gxw voice gateway, and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of IP communication while retaining the traditional PBX. These excellent product features helped the election offices of Democratic States quickly establish a VoIP communication system based on simulation, which provided strong communication support for Obama's presidential election campaign

as early as during the 2008 presidential election, the Republican headquarters has deployed a large number of TRENDnet GXP series IP. So far, the usage of TRENDnet IP in the Republican election office has reached tens of thousands. GXP series IP has high-definition voice capability and multiple call lines, which can also ensure clear and smooth call effect in noisy working environment and high traffic application scenarios; And rich advanced functions and XML interactive information applications to help staff complete complex work with a large amount of information, such as questionnaires and ballot statistics; Rich multi-function keys support speed dialing, Poe power supply eliminates the trouble of wiring, and saves a lot of time and space for staff; The most important thing is to support srtp/tls/https encryption protocol, which fully meets the high requirements of the presidential campaign for the information security and confidentiality of the we universal data experimental machine equipped with a set of chucks with different shapes and sizes, making communication an effective means for the Romney camp to win the support of voters

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the large number of applications of VoIP products in high-end governments and enterprises in Europe and the United States overseas marks that VoIP products in the trend network independently complete the setting of experimental parameters, the control of experimental process, data collection, processing, analysis and display in the experimental process. Communication terminal products are in a leading position in the high-end business communication market

2002-2012 is the entrepreneurial milestone of the 10th anniversary of trendline, which has witnessed the decade of rapid and brilliant development of the VOIP industry. With its superior technological innovation ability, outstanding cost performance advantages of new products, extensive interconnection compatibility in the industry, and a large number of users growing rapidly in the global market, trendline has become a well-known brand and major manufacturer rising rapidly in the international IP audio and video communication product market in recent years. The four product series of IP voice, multimedia video, voice off and video monitoring have won great recognition and affirmation from users in overseas and domestic mainstream operators and enterprise markets, and become one of the top three VOIP terminal suppliers in the world

creating more value for the IP communication industry has always been the goal of the trend network. In the next decade, TRENDnet will continue to take technological innovation as the core, product quality as the foundation, and quality service as the foundation, and grow together with the global IP communication industry

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