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Network based pod and document management

network based pod and document management: changing the way we print

through interconnection, we can get a variety of new resources, which provides us with more choices to achieve printing, distribution and document management. Traditional printing production is giving way to web applications and services, which streamline the printing and distribution process and raise pod (print on demand) and document management to a new level

some companies, including printweb and Xerox, are providing web-based document management and pod services, including everything from electronic warehouses to print ordering, print production management, personalized services, binding, transmission and post-processing. Other companies engaged in this field, such as and, provide web-based printing procurement services, connecting customers and printing suppliers through web-based printing production management tools. Other companies offer personalized services

nowadays, companies of all sizes have begun to use network-based pod and document management services within the company. If they are used as an external service, they can not only simplify the company's logistics, but also speed up the printing process. The content of on-demand printing through the Internet has also involved color promotional materials, technical publications, business cards and other aspects

according to some companies that provide network-based pod and file management services, their customers can save 5% to 10% of their expenses through these services, even up to 70%. Electronic document storage and on-demand printing can also save a lot of human resources. In the past, an assignment took days or weeks to print, hours to pack, and days to transport to customers. Now, it only takes a few minutes to place an order, and then print it nearby. It takes a few days or even less to reach the customers

network based pod and document management services, whether directly used within the company or installed outside the company as a third-party service, can bring more convenience and save expenses. All kinds of large, medium and small enterprises can benefit from it

kim Grover, general manager of Xerox, is also an industry consultant in the insurance and financial industries. He pointed out that with the increase of competitive pressure, Xerox's customers increasingly choose to complete document management and printing outside. The conclusion drawn by insurance and financial companies is that the more funds invested are concentrated in their core businesses, the better the benefits will be obtained

like most businesses, insurance and financial services companies find that they need to use their funds more effectively. One way to achieve this is to sign contracts with other companies to provide services and control printing production outside the company. The whole printing production process will be completed by a third party, and more attention will be paid to the core business. Moreover, with the web-based pod and document management, this external processing work is much easier than in the past. Authorized customers can use a standard web browser to put forward requirements for document and format modification, and print and output according to this requirement

however, when a company needs 5000 or more kinds of epichitin and polyvinyl alcohol with high barrier properties to support its business, it is difficult to easily obtain pod services. To this end, Xerox provides customers with additional services, such as whole process management, that is, accepting users' format requirements and completing them

when hard copy (printing) is far from being eliminated, Grover said that the new paradigm is to connect to hard copy and deliver it directly to individual consumers. Through pod and document management, enterprises can greatly reduce unnecessary waste, and tailor the information needed for different consumers according to their needs

first, USDA introduces the network-based pod service into the school

network file management and pod service, which saves time, space and money for gs/usda (American Department of Agriculture Colleges and universities). As a government training institution, gs/usda should set up courses and compile teaching materials to train employees of federal agencies in the United States. To this end, gs/usda has introduced the digital express 2000 system developed by Ikon company, which supports the students of gs/usda to select course materials in a network directory through interconnection. After selection, these materials will be printed and transmitted to the students. The Ikon production site nearest to the student's location will be selected for the printing of materials, and it will be passed to the students from here

ikon's digital expre, such as SS 2000 production and distribution system in South America, Australia and even Europe and the American market, enables gs/usda to achieve instant publishing and maintain a unified national standard. Moreover, this method can save 2500 square meters and inches of space for storing documents, and the time saved is equivalent to 30 minutes less to complete each order based on 700 orders completed a year

the recently released Ikon Digtal expres2000 for the printing market has expanded its system functions as an ISP, promising to simplify business printing and fast access to the printing e-procurement market. Ikon also added the micropress general printing server (CPS) from t/r systems as the front end of a series of imaging devices from Canon, Ricoh, OCE and Hewlett Packard to enhance the distribution and printing capabilities of digiagl express2000

second, services outside the network: output and transmission

to successfully carry out network-based file management and pod services, it is extremely important to be able to command and process files and be ready for network printing and transmission. In addition, it is also crucial to ensure the fidelity of printing output and the rapidity of product transmission

as an early entrant to the web-based pod and document management market, business communications (CC) has provided services to Fortune 500 manufacturers, trade services and insurance companies, and book publishers for nearly five years. CCI operates the third division of two production machine companies, one in Wisconsin and the other in Arizona. In these two factories, electronic documents will be directly transmitted to Xerox's docutech equipment through the network for printing. In addition to on-demand printing services, CCI also provides "scan to print" services, that is, digitizing, printing and archiving of customers' paper documents. Other services include binding, inventory, transportation, and easily adding orders through a web document management system

sharon Quint, vice president of CCI's marketing department, believes that the whole solution of access tracking and file storage provided by CCI is unmatched, and any customer with a large amount of information to submit, print, archive, save and distribute can benefit greatly from CCI's solution

now docs also provides on-demand printing services from uploading files to the released pod. Designed to meet the needs of global2000, now docs attempts to distribute printing tasks among multiple printing sites. Now docs has configured Xerox digital printing equipment for its printing and distribution centers all over the United States, including docucolor2060 series, dodtech6180 series, and docucolor92cs. The front-end equipment is EFI field's rip. Now docs' patented technology allows users to upload files to the now docs site and choose to print nearby on its printing network. Introduction to the specific functions of N4 and Rotorless vulcanizer: the printing and distribution center of ow docs also has pitncy Bowes series8 inserting machine and complete binding equipment

according to Bennett Hirsch, senior head of the marketing and sales department of now docs, the company's customers apply the solutions of now

docs to a variety of printing and distribution projects. Such as reports distributed to multiple users, investment documents with strong timeliness, printing and distribution of products with private labels, etc

Hirsch believes that in order to give full play to the advantages of digital technology, enterprises should spend time to generate forms and other materials that can maximize the capacity of new technology, rather than simply trying to use offset generated documents for digital output. If digital design is accurately combined with variable data, a "one-to-one" communication scheme can be obtained

also provides a full set of document management and pod services, but it uses the mode of centralized printing and distribution, not just a distribution mode. The solution has a good upload and print drive system. Users choose the printing machine as their output device. As Charles

Resnick, vice president of corporate development, said, interconnection has become the printing cable of customers

after the documents are encrypted, compressed, packaged and transmitted to the printing device, customers can browse them in real time on their computer monitor and perform some operations, such as turning pages, changing binding options, zooming in and out to view documents, etc. The printing work is concentrated in Memphis, where it will take advantage of its proximity to the Federal Express Center to provide pod services that can be handed over in the next day. The production center is equipped with a large number of advanced equipment, including Xeikon color printers installed with corresponding software to ensure color accuracy, multiple Xeikon docutech6180s, and a group of hewellett Packard printing products

lason is a supplier of integrated information management services. Its work includes image and data capture, data management and output, publishing products printed through pod, managing more than 85 multi-functional image processing centers and using them to serve customers. The equipment in lason's production center includes OCE's digital web printer and Xerox's series of equipment from copier to web printer

lason company uses the network to receive customer orders and work needs, and provides quotation and transmission information to customers through the network. The company's projects range from simple copying to book production to software integration including documents, media and packaging. In addition, lason also provides network inventory management and execution services

webprint provides another way to realize document management and web-based pod. It provides a web-based "desktop to distribution" solution for digital printing customers of on-demand printers. With this solution, customers will be able to print any application files directly and accurately on the selected site, just as if the supplier's device were their own desktop printer

third, connect customers and their printing suppliers with networks

another way to provide pod services through networks is to provide link and management services, and directly connect printing suppliers and their customers. At present, the two companies that carry out this service are and

Oliver Pflug, CEO of

, described his company as a supplier providing printing procurement services to business printers. Pflug believes that the advantage of the company is that its services are customized for the printing supply. The printing suppliers will be trained for 5 days, and then the printers can master the various parameter settings of operating this system

printchannel has registered all its services, including a series of procurement services from network evaluation requirements to customization of printed materials. Then business printing suppliers will use these registration marks to inform customers of the services they can provide. In this way, printers can directly provide customers with various network pod and document management services with the support of printchannel

provides a printing management and acquisition platform for enterprises

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