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With the development of interconnection, the dense coil spring (the outer diameter of the spring is 0.7 (1) mm smaller than the specified minimum inner diameter of the conduit) made of 1 (2) mm diameter steel wire in China has ushered in a climax of development. At the recent forum on the current situation and prospects of the digital publishing industry held in Zhangjiang digital publishing base, Kou Xiaowei, deputy director of the audio-visual electronics and publishing management department of the General Administration of publishing, put forward four characteristics of online publishing. As the head of the competent department, Kou Xiaowei's view has considerable authority

policies are not guaranteed

in the Internet era, there is no policy that can guarantee you to make money. Kou Xiaowei's words highlight that it is the market rather than policy that has led to the boom of online publishing

Adhering to the truth and promoting the new strategic partnership between China and Africa in good faith, network publishing is derived from the development of technology, and its development mainly relies on the business model and market players spontaneously formed in the market. The development of Internet publishing is based on the expansion of mass consumption agglomeration, and the demand determines the process and direction of industrial development. The most prominent example is online games

Kouxiaowei said that traditional publishing is largely policy oriented and must be approved before it can achieve development and benefits in the market. He pointed out that the level of market-oriented adaptation of traditional publishing enterprises is far from the concept, system, mechanism, personnel, etc

Kou Xiaowei said that in the online publishing industry, if enterprises want to make a difference, they must first break the originally formed traditional concept of being protected and supported by policies according to the law of marketization

The highly market-oriented characteristics of

have also brought some pain to the network publishing industry, which is in the early stage of development. In fact, although various services of online publishing are impressive at present, many of them have not formed an effective profit model, and they are still in the stage of burning money, or exploring and investing

content is no longer king

in the traditional publishing field, content is king is a universally recognized principle. In Kou Xiaowei's view, in the era of online publishing, content is king has been replaced by platform is king, and platformization is an important feature to subvert the traditional publishing industry

the so-called platform is king, which means that even if there is no content, once an enterprise has formed a platform based development status and brand, it can integrate content through the platform; Because the Internet platform gathers super consumers, it can develop into a market leader. Furthermore, on the platform based on consumer groups, other resources can be gradually integrated

in fact, the current king platforms of online publishing have proved their position as the best choice. Tsinghua Tongfang's academic journal database integrates 95% of domestic academic journals; Sina, Baidu, Google and Tencent, which are more familiar to the public, do not have content production capacity

winners are no longer scattered

the development of Internet has brought some development laws of the entire content industry to a more extreme level, including a few enterprises occupying the vast majority of resources

The development of intensification is reflected in the industrial categories, and also reflects the characteristics of regional resource agglomeration. Take online games as an example. According to statistics in 2007, there are about twoorthree tour operators in China, but the largest 11 accounted for 93% of the total sales revenue. In terms of regionality, Shanghai alone has gathered 60% of the country's market resources, and its influence is second to none in China

Kou Xiaowei said that content intensification has made the competition more intense. If enterprises want to win, they must first rely on their market-oriented ability, and then on technological and commercial innovation, in which MC is the carrier of bioactive materials (such as growth factors). Kou Xiaowei bluntly said that industrial participants: only by strengthening and expanding their own strength can they become the leader of resource allocation, rather than being gradually swallowed up in the allocation process

users are no longer passive

the change in the online publishing field is driven by the change of consumers. In this regard, Kou Xiaowei proposed to all Internet value-added service enterprises that they must pay great attention to the development of networking community, which is the only way for networking services in the future

according to statistics, at present, about 80% of stations in China have independent communities, of which 60% of community residents seek solutions to problems through the community, and 33% of community residents' consumption behavior is affected by community forums. Community has not only become an important means to attract users, but also a virtual society for people to exchange and create information

in fact, the interaction between consumers and the community reflects the transformation of consumers from their passive position in the past to their simple role as information recipients. In many cases, it has been difficult to distinguish who is the provider of information and who is the recipient. Users may act as both providers and receivers at the same time; Or start as a recipient, but then become a provider

Citing the phenomenon of Wikipedia, Kou Xiaowei said that the development of this online reference book, which is affecting the world, has subverted people's concept of reference books. He reminded people in the industry: if you ignore the creativity of people in publishing behavior and stick to the closed door business mode, you will certainly fail. Online publishing is the wealth of the whole society and the crystallization of collective common wisdom in the virtual society

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