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First vice president of China Packaging Technology Association: Han Jiazeng representatives and guests: Hello

I feel very happy to participate in the packaging relocation ceremony today. I am glad that so many enterprises are enthusiastic about our packaging industry and pay great attention to our packaging construction in China. This shows that our packaging industry is a promising industry

today, we are in an era of rapid development of science and technology, with fast updating of knowledge and huge amount of information. Therefore, how to further improve our traditional industry is a new topic for every packaging worker. China's packaging industry has been growing at a rate of more than 18% over the past 20 years, but can we continue to grow at this rate for 10 or 20 years. Generally, the stress value when the residual plastic deformation produced by the material is 0.2% is regarded as the yield strength

there is no doubt that we must use advanced network information technology to capture the latest technology and market information in the complicated information in time, and find the most favorable business opportunity in the unpredictable business war, but the possibility of further sharp decline in the non-ferrous metal industry is small, So as to make oneself invincible forever

as the leading portal of the packaging industry in China, China packaging has always enjoyed a high reputation in the industry. On the occasion of the relocation of China Packaging headquarters to Hangzhou, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to all employees of your company

At the same time, China has joined the WTO, and it is imperative for Chinese packaging enterprises to integrate into the international market. We must learn international advanced production technology and always grasp the pulse of the international market. Although the informatization of enterprises is not omnipotent, it is absolutely impossible for enterprises not to take the road of informatization development. It has become a top priority for packaging enterprises to take the road of information development. Qiu Chunfu, President of China Packaging Association, attached great importance to this, inspected China packaging for many times, and made a clear plan for the informatization of China's packaging industry. China Packaging Association builds the network information platform of China packaging, hoping to provide enterprises with more timely and comprehensive services through this platform. China packaging is an industry portal directly under China Packaging Technology Association. Its main work is to carry out various work around "enterprise activities". Since its establishment in 1999, it has done a lot of work, laid a solid foundation and gained a certain popularity. Of course, there are inevitably some deficiencies in the above work. I hope that comrades can put forward valuable suggestions to accelerate the construction of our packaging industry network and expand the service area of the industry station for enterprises. At the same time, the prosperity of the industry station will also promote the greater development of the packaging industry

whether we can promote industrial development through informatization with an innovative attitude depends on how to use information technology to transform traditional enterprises, pay attention to the introduction and digestion of science and technology, constantly improve the market response ability, improve the quality of China's packaging industry enterprises, and strengthen the construction of core competitiveness. As a leading industry portal in China, China packaging will give full play to the functions entrusted by the association, continue to promote the "project of Chinese packaging enterprises", and make full use of the advantages of network information. Relying on the China Packaging Association and the construction of "Asian packaging center", China packaging will become the largest packaging network information center in Asia, speed up the construction of industry informatization, and promote the development of packaging industry with informatization, At the same time, it provides the basis for macro decision-making and relevant policy-making services for the government and relevant industry departments, and serves the production and operation of enterprises with short packaging service life, so as to promote China from a large packaging country to a powerful packaging country, and make contributions to the development of China's packaging industry

on behalf of the China Packaging Technology Association and Qiu Chunfu, President of the China Packaging Association, I wish the conference a complete success and greater development of China Packaging in the future. At the same time, I wish the participants good health and developed careers

thank you

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