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Pretreatment before packaging of dry products

the treatment before packaging mainly includes:

(1) softening is also known as moisture balance, sweating or moisture balance. The purpose is to make dry fruits and vegetables, after a short period of storage, carry out internal and external water transfer, so that the water content of each part is balanced, and the texture is suitable and soft. The collection is carried out in a closed container in the storage room, and it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to achieve the goal

(2) the purpose of grading is to make the quality of finished products meet the specifications and standards. When grading, the products are divided into three parts: Standard finished products, waste products, and which parts of the electronic universal machine that can be dried in the item list can form the anti-corrosion coating penetrating products

(3) insect proof dried products are vulnerable to insect damage. The methods of insect prevention include killing insects at low temperature, and the effective temperature is below -15 ℃. Steam can be used for 2-4 minutes to kill insects by heating. Insecticide fumigation, etc

(4) the volume of the pressed dry products is loose, so it needs to be compressed once before packaging, so that its volume can be greatly reduced, which is convenient for packaging. It also reduces the air and increases the resistance of dried products to pests and oxidation. The method of pressing the block is to press the block while it is hot after drying. If the dry product has been cooled, the organization is hard and brittle, and it is very easy to crush, it should be heated with steam first, but this is the change of the rules of the game, and then compress. Compression of several dehydrated vegetables

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