Prevention and control measures of water disaster

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Prevention and control measures of mine water disaster

in order to prevent the occurrence of water disaster accidents and ensure the safety of mine construction and production, Chinese coal miners have explored a series of water prevention and control measures. These measures can be summarized as follows: prevention and control of surface water flooding into the mine, water exploration and drainage, drainage, retention of waterproof coal pillars, setting and use of sluice gates and sluice walls, grouting and water plugging, establishment of water prevention and control security system, strengthening hydrogeological work, and doing a good job in the prediction of mine water inrush and ponding, etc. The natural conditions of each coal mine are different, so corresponding water control measures can be selected pertinently

however, L. it is necessary to do a good job in the education and training of workers. Underground workers should be familiar with various omens before the flooding, report the flooding hazards in time and take (above) emergency treatment measures

2. Necessary rules and regulations for mine water prevention and control should be established to implement flood control and water prevention

3. Strengthen the hydrogeological observation of the mine, pay attention to collecting and sorting out data, and accurately draw the ponding lane, water pit and ponding old kiln on the map, so as to formulate and take corresponding preventive measures when carrying out mining engineering

4. Adhere to the policy of "if there is doubt, explore first and then dig"

the underground geological conditions of coal mines are complex, and the situation of groundwater is also very complex. In many cases, we will encounter the threat of various water disasters. According to the available data, for areas that cannot be guaranteed to be free of water damage, water exploration and drainage measures must be taken, and then the excavation can be carried out after the water exploration eliminates the threat of water damage. The experience of fighting against groundwater over the years tells us that the policy of "if there is doubt, explore first and then dig" is an effective policy to guide coal mine production to fight against various water disasters

in the coal mine and 6. Plastic tensile testing machine 1, we must pay attention to adjusting the travel limit switch to fight against groundwater. We must not be careless, and we must not act recklessly, nor should we have a fluke in order to catch up with production and be afraid of trouble

water exploration must be carried out in areas threatened by old empty water, and the excavation face must be explored and excavated at the same time. The drift excavation can generally carry out water exploration by drilling holes in the front and the upper side of the roadway. Generally, there are three groups of drilling holes, one or two holes in each group; When driving up the mountain, water exploration must be carried out in the front and left and right sides of the roadway, and the number of boreholes shall not be less than 5 groups

the following matters should be paid attention to when using water exploration machinery:

1. Strengthen the support of the roadway near the water exploration drill hole, back the top and side, and set a solid top pillar on the working face to prevent high-pressure water from washing out the coal wall and roadway support

2. The number of missing edges and corners and the number of cracks are specified in the water exploration work site, and the point tags are listed to clarify the location, direction, number of holes and drilling depth of the water exploration holes. Before drilling, clear the roadway and prepare the ditch and drainage roadway. And contacted the control room

3. Gas should be checked frequently in the water exploration face, and ventilation should be strengthened

4. The water probe hole with high water pressure should be equipped with casing and sluice valve to facilitate the adjustment of water volume

5. If the drill hole flows out along the drill pipe during water exploration, stop water exploration immediately and fix the drill pipe. It is strictly forbidden to move the drill and pull out the drill. And report to the mine dispatching and the chief engineer of the mine, and act according to the instructions

6. Drainage. Drainage is a basic means of water prevention and control in coal mines with strong aquifers. It is mainly through special engineering measures such as drainage tunnels, drainage boreholes, which are very important, water level lowering boreholes, pumping boreholes, etc. to reduce the water level (water pressure) or partially drain the groundwater in the overlying or underlying strong aquifer that affects the mining safety in a planned and step-by-step manner

this measure is rarely used in coal mines in our province

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