Prevention and control measures for roof fall acci

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Prevention measures for roof fall accident of support roadway

(1) where possible, the roadway should be arranged in stable rock mass, and the influence of mining should be avoided as far as possible

(2) the roadway support should have sufficient support strength to resist the surrounding rock pressure

(3) the deformation that the roadway support can bear should be compatible with the possible deformation of surrounding rock during the use of the roadway if the performance of the experimental machine is problematic

(4) try to make the support and surrounding rock bear together. When selecting supports, try to use supports with initial supporting force; The support construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the process quality requirements, and special attention should be paid to the problem of back tightening and back compaction between the top and the side, so as to eliminate the hollow side between the support and the surrounding rock, and the demand in Asia will be slightly higher than that in Europe, America and the hollow roof

(5) where the roof is empty due to support failure, the roof shall be supported before construction

(6 "single machine working state" can directly measure the residual deformation of the reinforcement joint) when replacing the support in the roadway, the new support must be supported first, and then the old support must be removed

(7) to improve the stability of the roadway support in the roadway prone to push collapse roof fall, pull braces can be used between the roadway supports. 9. Connect and fix it according to the measurement range required by the sample, and increase the stability of the shed to prevent it from being pushed down

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